Mischievous Brother

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been watching a lot of episodes from 24 and it was only two days ago that I realized how much I had learned from observing how negotiators and interrogators think. Here’s what happened to me on that day:


A mail man from the Aramex company rings the doorbell to deliver a package 3baid had ordered through an online shopping website for one of his relatives. As usual, the house cook confronts the mail man at the door and asks 3baid’s seven-year-old brother, who was playing nearby, to go get money to pay off the shipping fee.

12:33 PM

3baid’s Brother: Fee wa7id burra igool 3inda goo6y 7aggik o yabi floos. (There’s a man outside who says he has a box for you and wants money)
3baid: How much does he want?
3baid’s Brother: Sit dananeer o nu99. (Six-and-a-half dinars)

3baid hands over the money to his brother and waits for him to bring the package upstairs back to his room. Something didn’t feel right though; six-and-a-half KD sounded too large a sum for such a small package. Aramex charges 2.5 KD on the first kilogram then 0.75 KD on additional kilos. Is 6.5 KD a multiple of 0.75 plus 2.5? His brother interrupts again, hands over the package without its receipt and quickly leaves the room.

6:12 PM

3baid prepares to leave the house to deliver the package to his relative when he noticed, “6.000 KD” scribbled on the package. To further investigate, he called the house cook:

3baid: Where’s the receipt for today’s package?
Cook: Ana attaita o’7ooy ilyoom soboh. Fee nuss dinar baa’d. (I gave it to your brother this morning along with half a dinar)

3baid’s brother has a history of asking for money to take to school. When he’s given some, he demands for more arguing that he might need the change for another day. What he’s after however, is more icecream and pricier food such as burgers and moreover to fulfill his constant urge to impress his friends there. An extra 500 fils would be very convenient for him; the opportunity would be too tempting to resist. 3baid goes to his brother and demands more information.

3baid: Where is the receipt?
3baid’s Brother: [Hesitant] Um.. Chinna irrayal ‘7atha. (I think the man took it)
3baid: That’s impossible, he has to sign and hand it back to you. Find it now.

3baid’s brother had hidden the fee under one of the living room tables and pretended it was lost. Feeling guilty, he reached under and pulled it out before he could be accused of anything. 3baid took a good look at the crunched up piece of paper and indeed it was 6 KD and there must’ve been a 500 fils change.

3baid: Where is the half KD?
3baid’s Brother: [Worried] Wulla irrayal ‘7atha! Ana lazim asawee wajibaty..[runs] (I swear the man took it! I have to go do my homework..)

It was pointless to question him any further because 3baid felt it was not his position to do so and alternatively pretended to let go of the matter. Instead, 3baid called his mother on her phone on the drive to his relative’s home.

6:37 PM

3baid: Mom, there was a package for me this moring. My brother claimed it was 6-and-a-half KD and I later found out that it was 6. He tried to hide the fee and denies having the change.
Mother: You’re brother wouldn’t steal from you, he’s only 7 years old. I’m sure he might’ve forgotten it.
3baid: There’s no mistake, I’ve contacted the cook and he was present when the payment was made; there’s no doubt about it.
Mother: Go take the money from him.
3baid: I don’t want the money; 500 fils is not what I’m worried about! My own brother tried to steal money and he needs to understand that it’s not okay and you’re the only one who can be blunt to him about it.
Mother: I’ll talk to him when he’s done with his homework.
3baid: Just make sure he doesn’t get rid of the evidence by spending it at the nearby tuck shop -I got to go.

The following day.

Mother: 3baid, here’s your money.
3baid: I don’t want the money!
Mother: Your brother said he found it in one of his pockets.
3baid: So he didn’t admit anything. At least he has a good conscience.
Mother: Remember your brother can sometimes be very forgetful.
3baid: He couldn’t have forgotten. The change, reciept and box all came together so if he had taken the box alone, we would’ve found the reciept and the money in the same place. What he told me was very inconsistent and the fact that the receipt was hidden is evident that he was trying to cover up his tracks.
Mother: Please don’t mention this to him again, he’s very sensitive about these things.
3baid: I won’t. I just need him to stop being so deceiving and learn to be honest.


19 thoughts on “Mischievous Brother

  1. Wow! That was a nice way to take action regarding the situation! Most people would want the 500 fils back and force the little brother to give it back teaching the brother the errors of his actions! You, on the other hand, had a better way of doing things and I applaude you for doing so! Way to go!

  2. OMG your little brother is so cute. I love the way you told the story, even though I could guess where things were going it was interesting enough to make me read it all.

  3. i agree.. he’s adorable..
    but if i were you i would’ve tried something else..
    its normal for children to try nrew things and kindda push it.. if he did something similar next time.. pretend that you’re calling the company .. and tell him that the delivery man should get fired for it and be put in prison because he lied !
    most kids will feel guilty and would come farward saying that they forgot about the money :)

  4. Heh, telling your kid brother that the man will go to prison may not work. My brother is one year older than yours and the whole scare tactics simply do not work: they’re old enough to know it’s not true and two, it’s not effective in the long run. I guess sitting him down and telling him gently that it’s wrong and it’s a mistake that he should learn from would be the sane way to go.

  5. Heh, I used the “shake-the-neck” procedure before, until mom found out. The rest is obvious.
    Then I started using the “Gonna-kill-you-look”. But it just hurts the eyes & started to feel like they’re about to pop out.
    Reverse psychology, however, had proved great results. That and blackmail.

    I believe that making a kid feel guilty is good; It assures you that s/he has a live conscious. A reward should NOT be handed, not even when telling the truth. It encourages bad behavior for the redemption reward!
    Rewards should be restricted to acceptable behavior and should be randomized, i.e., not always. Keeps ’em guessing ;)

    Nice write up, btw. But not enough interrogation…

  6. I can totally relate to your mother making excuses for your little bro. I bet he’s the youngest (ilji3da). Sometimes my little sister would admit to her mistake without my mother realizing that. I know that because she(mom) keeps on making her(li’l sis) excuses even though that ji3da has already ‘fessed up with no excuse whatsoever!!
    About aramex, they had delivered me a package a few days ago for 6 kd. I guess their prices are up?

  7. Umm I noticed you messed up the prices for Aramex, they now charge 2.5kd for the first half kg and each additional is 1.75kd

    Therefore, the 6kd bill and stuff ;p

    But cute story nonetheless

  8. What no torture scene?! :P Walla I’ve had the first season of 24, and my friend’s been nagging me to watch it forever, bes just haven’t been motivated enough; but this story may just have done the trick ;) Very well written, & I know exactly where you’re coming from it’s all about the proncople: honesty! My younger sibs used to piss me off stealin my archie comics without asking in the first place, that reaaaaally ticked me off!! But I got issues..

  9. aaaahhhh ur bro 3wainti kisar khatri ;I but i think maybe u should have a lil friendly chat with him about why he did that and if he really forgot … try to listen to his side … and make him understand stuff.

    NoNaw LOL i also think he watches waaaaayyy too much of 24 :P

  10. The Stallion, on normal occasions I would either ignore it or take the matter with my own hands but I guess I learned to go around things now :P

    Photoflow, my brother isn’t cute, trust me. @_@

    Nonaw, LOL! I have to admit I did feel like Bauer when I was going through that. I intentionally put the time stamps for the 24 effect ;)

    Swair, Thank you! Believe me, I still don’t know how to!

    Delicately Realistic, I know what you mean, but kids should be taught that money needs to be earned not just given whenever they want it. :/

    Sloth, He’s done many other crimes before and he doesn’t admit to all of them. He forged my mother’s signature for one of his homework and randomly lies about something just to see our reactions!

    Erzulie, I agree, but it’s become a habit for him and I think it’s because he’s insecure about himself. I constantly tell my mother about this but she keeps saying, “he was just like me when I was a kid!” (which scares me about my mom even more!)

    MBH, Interrogating my brother is useless, he’ll cry, run to my mother and play innocent or at least fake that he’s guilty sorry. He rarely takes things seriously.

    Blasha, trust me he’s very untrustworthy x_X

    Nanu, my mother realizes his mistakes but all she does is threaten to do something, but never does, and he knows the system.. *sigh*

    Jackie, thanks for the price list, I have it somewhere but didn’t feel like double checking :P

    7tenths, Sorry to disappoint but I’m good at being angry at people.

    So Blue, We’ve explained it so many times to him and he knows he’s guilty but he just gets a thrill out of doing something behind people’s back. I just hope he doesn’t go too far with it.

  11. nice blog:)
    you gotta stop watching 24 marrah 2athr feek :D
    your like my little sister but she watchs soap operas (which is even worse)
    coz she always crys 3ala anything and always says (why dont u love me or nobody cares about me i just wanna die )
    lo0o0o0ol :D

  12. I SO hate 24!!

    lol@goo6y .. it’s a box man, a goo6y’s a can ;) Go teach ur younger bro proper Arabic =P Honesty comes later..

    b3deen take it easy, it’s not about stealing or being nasty, you just need to know that they learn at home what can they do ;) and what will happen to them.. You need more younger bro’s and sisters to feel the gang style home life :P

  13. Welcome to my blog :)

    bal8ees, thank you for the kind compliments and your sis taksir il5a6ir, she’s so emotional :P

    fo0f, I thought I hated 24 until I accidentally watched the plot twist and now I’m hooked! Btw, my brother’s language is pretty bad in both arabic and english and he finds it hard to express himself sometimes. More brothers and sisters?! No way! It’s bad as it is now x_X;

  14. I think he’s cute and i like how balak 6aweel ma3a, thats what he needs..you need to pull him in with the right tactics.
    I went through something similiar while back, I noticed money just kept decreasing from my wallet, at first i thought i spent it and forgot, then it was obvious someone was taking it, to make it short, it was my lil sis. I made her feel guilty and promise not to do so again, the weird thing is..all the money she took, she never spent any of it. It wasnt like she didnt have her own money, or that she wanted to buy somethin expensive..no, it was for the sake of having money. The situation did make me speechless bas yala, kids do tons of experiments ;p

  15. 3ad ur brother min shakla shay6aan. I swear the mischeif never leaves that kid’s eyes. Bess 7aram kisar kha6ri. Next time I see him ill tell him how the whole world knows he is the theif, that should freak him out :p

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