Qualitynet’s Subliminal Messages

I am trying to get in touch with Qualitynet’s customer care to inquire about their Info Center deals but their phone lines have been busy all day. With every attempt, I had to listen to their looping “please hold” message until I literally got sick and on the verge of metal retardation. Warning: Prolonged listening to the following audio may lead to undesired behavior.

 Listen to it

If you listen to it long enough, all you’ll be hearing is the abrupt, “-amazing offers, and exciting gifts”.

8 thoughts on “Qualitynet’s Subliminal Messages

  1. Photoflow, I know -amazing offers and exciting gifts.

    iDip, They’ll never answer! -amazing offers and exciting gifts.

    Laialy, Thank you. -amazing offers and exciting gifts.

    So Blue, Tell me about it.. -amazing offers and exciting gifts.


    *throws phone out the window* >_<

  2. Once I broke the phone on the floor (SSSLLLLLAAAMMM)! after I heard for the ninth time “Sorry, all of our representative are still busy helping other customers. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order that it was received”, of course like you said…the music was suicidal as well!

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