Artists In Danger

“Don’t miss it, the artists are in trouble.”

Is it just me or does that statement make Kuwaiti theater performances sound illegitimate and desperate?

20 thoughts on “Artists In Danger

  1. so they’re in trouble cos of some sort of character that’s, maybe, a monster? and they’re a team that happens to be called “Al Fananeen”?

    or do they mean: “Save these.. uhm, let’s call them artists, cos if u don’t, they won’t get paid and they’re gonna be in trouble”?

  2. ikh!! Ish’hal maskhara??!!
    Abbaih!! This guy from “staracademy” on the left looks exactly like our Raju “9ibeenna”

  3. I think it’s sad that performance arts is looked down upon in Kuwait. But then again, people should see the crap that’s on stage. I remember the last time I went to the theater was with my dad for “BomTai7.” We just stayed for 15 minutes before we left for good. I mean, the material was really low-class. And I hate that “Balam” guy. The last good play I saw was with my parents and sister; it was in Dasma and the only performers were two amazing Jordanian actors. I also think people are anxious to involve any serious political/social controversial topics in the script; we’re left with weightless commentary on Marina mall’s antics running loose.

  4. So Blue, adree :/

    Nunu, Star Academy is over-hyped.

    Erzulie, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a theater performance. Actors like Hassan Al-Ballam and 6ariq Al-Ali (and sadly many others) find making fun of other characters during the play entertaining and humorous. Abdulaziz Al-Msellam is perhaps one of the few remaining talented artists of our time, but it’s obvious that whole theatre showbiz is tumbling downhill. Isn’t it funny how all these shows suddenly pop up during Eid to have their way into people’s wallets? Where were they during the other 10 or 11 months? :/

    Photoflow, Bal8ees, I know, it’s pathetic when you have to bring in “star academy” people to make a play successful.

  5. Yeah that’s cheesy :P and there aren’t any “kuwaiti theater performances” if you know what I mean, everything that is shown on stage right now falls under “guilty pleasure” or “live entertainment”

  6. Umbay I was interpreting it in a different way. Did you see the add at the back with the “Softies” and all of them were guy actors…..get what I was thinking….
    iste3aaaaab ikhwara!!

  7. Ok, something should be put straight once and for all :: Those clowns are called Actors not Artists. Artists are people like Abdulhusein Abdulreda, 7ayat Al-Fahad, …etc. Not some moron with freak-show hair & makeup!

    I only *watch* old plays. Those are the only ones with enough decency that holds from killing yourself with the cables behind the TV…

    There’s a play written by university students due this Thursday. See my blog for info.

    Sorry 3baid! Couldn’t resist :p

  8. I’m waiting for them to start hanging out on the streets, forcing those driving by to see them perform (like those windscreen wiper dudes) & then demanding money for their “performance”.. I hope I’ll have a gun by then :P

  9. hmm..and since when was Kuwaiti theatre great?

    wv-kloges = kelloges the cereal..I know you dont play the wv game but i couldn’t miss this one..

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