Close Encounter

Two of my older cousins and I headed to our camp last night with plans to return home the following morning. “The holiday is almost over, so why not make the most out of it?”, I thought. I grabbed some clothes and slipped my Nintendo DS into my pocket incase I needed to entertainment myself.

I brought along Phoenix Wright, a game my friend had lent me, where you play the role of a lawyer who has to prove the innocence of his suspected clients.

As you can see, l33t speak has recognized itself in numerous videogames.

Anyway, as it approached bedtime, we had to prepare the mattresses and get ready to sleep. I had to retrieve my mattress from the, “storage tent” along with a pillow and blanket because the tent we were in didn’t have enough for all of us. I proceeded to lay it on the floor, tossed the pillow on top and carelessly laid the cover. It was quite cold that night even though the gas heater was on, so I sat, crossed my legs on my mattress and covered my shoulders with my blanket. I continued to immerse myself with my DS game while my cousins were watching TV. My feet grew numb from the cold so I got up to properly wrap the blanket around my entire body and grabbed something not-so-soft on my right shoulder. Thinking it was a memory card of some sort that one of my cousins left lying around, I tossed it on the couch to my side but it wasn’t until it landed that I realized it had been a black scorpion!

Ironically, what was on TV was a scene from a Mortal Combat game, so when I yelled, “It’s a scorpion!”, my cousins thought I was referring to the character!

It was the first time I had ever laid eyes on a real-life scorpion and I’ve never imagined having one patiently hang around my shoulder and observe how I play! After causing a bit of a stir, we caught it, kept it in an empty water bottle and made two small holes for it to breathe. It turned out that it had come from the storage tent and must have snuggled into the blanket for warmth.

“You’re lucky you weren’t stung…”

When I woke up this morning, I found out that I lost a shoe and the only reasonable explanation would be that a stray dog must have taken it; there were a couple of them sauntering around our camp throughout the night. Finally, here’s a picture I took on the drive home.

“Makes you wonder what kind of society we live in…”


12 thoughts on “Close Encounter

  1. A scorpion sting would never kill me..ID HAVE A HEART ATTACK BY LOOKING AT IT…that would end it all for me

    i went camping once and it was the biggest mistake of my life..4 days of torture :/ needless to say, i slept in the car while everyone else enjoyed the great outdoors, the thought of what could crawl on me would make me insomanic for life :)

  2. wow.. salamat, dude! good thing u caught it b4 it tried to hurt anyone else..
    and i don’t think you’re lucky, i think God loves you ;p

  3. OMG thank god nothing happened to ya… or ranma would be in the ER and playing with his DS while the doctors tring to get the poison out of you LOL No just kidding salamat ;P

    WHISKEY? WHAT? WHO? *sighs*

  4. I thought the scorpion story was cool, I think it must have been drunk for it not to sting you on the ears!

    hope you enjoyed the great outdoors..

  5. Faith, I’ve gone camping many times before and the worst thing we had was a rat. No insects though. Maybe this one emerged because it was spring.

    Photoflow, don’t worry, like I’ve said, I’ve gone many times and this is the first time I’ve come across a threatening insect.

    Swair, or maybe the scorpion loves me? :P

    Nonaw, yes, I imagined where I’d be had it stung me that night. Oh well, ullah sitar :/

    Laialy, Thank you and yup.

    Babbler, I’m still not sure how I managed to hold it and throw it off my shoulder without getting hurt.

  6. Scorpions are nice. Dad used to work in the oilfields up north (not the north pole, no) and once brought a scorpion. He put him in a gallon of gas, said it’ll kill him. He died, poor thing, and then dad pinned him in his study. (And he blames me for keeping a frog and feeding him flied from the zapper thing we keep in the kitchen!) But then we moved out of that house and the socrpion was thrown somewhere.

    It scared me to think that he’s wandering around the house, waiting for the right moment to sting someone.

  7. I’m okay with scorpions if I’m standing on a brick or something, so they can’t jump and get me. That leaves you with the stick you have in your hand so you “etdagelhom” until they get bored or collapse >:P And why is it always Red or Black Label? I remember seeing a couple of them in the desert and I made up an advertisement in my head that went “Red Label: The only drink that makes it through the desert.” Actually, it makes you wonder what goes on in the wee hours of the morning in the desert…

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