The Foam Phenomenon

Every year during the National and Liberation Days, Kuwait’s youth perform a remarkable display by which foam spray is exchanged in the most inconvenient of places: the street. Scientists are baffled by this inexplicable erratic behavior; a sudden relentless urge to step out of a vehicle, run towards a target and proceed to cover them in white to the point of content. Some say that the thrill of placing their lives before traffic, keeps them wanting more, while others argue that taunting and grabbing attention to achieve their self-fulfilness is the true purpose of this absurd event.

Open doors and windows serve as a gratifying bonus.

In the cases where targets are inaccessible, members may betray teammates.

It is believed that the origin of these humiliating acts emerged after the end of the gulf war at a time when men and women of all ages expressed their freedom and love for their country. In more recent years however, these celebrations have evolved into chaotic foam fiascos that usually involve the police.


15 thoughts on “The Foam Phenomenon

  1. Oh man bring back the good old days. Dad used to take us down to waleed or other local toy stores to buy foam and water guns. At the time we lived right on the road that leads to Showbiz, in salmia, you know? and so we didnt even have to get in cars, we’d just wait for the victims to come to us. Ofcouse my dad was very protective, so he’d tell us who to shot. Most of the time we just batteled each other. Good times.

  2. You know, Bo_Ghazi wrote something similiar to this; it was never taken too far as it is today. I think the lack of human contact between the two genders make these two days a hormonal explosion.

  3. It used to be about the country though, I mean, there were national songs, national events etc.. today even the new generation of kids who were born only after the war are going out and “celebrating” as though they lived through the tragedy.

    This particular year is awkward since Amir had passed away and Hala February got canceled, yet people still want to enforce “fun”.

  4. These two days are really fun, but stupid youths make them a disaster when they spray foam on people without knowing the consequences of misusing it. How many young girls/boys who became blind because of spraying it on their faces when they couldn’t close their windows or didn’t lock their doors..can’t they imagine how danger is it.. i’m not against using it at all ,but why shouldn’t they spray it on cars instead of people or it won’t be fun if they do so.

  5. thats why i never go out during this particular holiday… or any other holiday in Q8.. this holiday is related to a bad incident that took place 9 yrs ago.. reason?? FOAM SPRAYS! walla ppl who use them are uncivilized!! they have no clue how much harm they might cause to those whom theyve sprayed :(

  6. “This particular year is awkward since Amir had passed away and Hala February got canceled, yet people still want to enforce “fun”. “

    Are you implying that people shouldnt have fun or try to because the Amir died?

    Nice post and nicely presented ;p

  7. I never said people shouldn’t have fun, what I meant was that national/liberation days are days to celebrate and be proud of your country but most people go about doing that the wrong way (foam, bike stunts etc..)

    There are many methods of having fun which don’t involve showing off or endangering lives. It’s difficult to change people’s mindset about “fun” but if you provide alternatives, people will begin to shift their interests to more civilized activities.

  8. 3baid- I definately agree there…some people do the stupidest things to show off or have fun, like those guys who race at night and do car tricks and stuff..or the guys who think its cooler to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, yes, you’ll look especially hot with a splattered brain :S

  9. That was hilarious!
    and a little sad also
    I always stay at home on these holidays cause the traffic and crowd is unbearable. I went to see the fireworks once, but before the invasion, when it was still only national day :o)

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