Infinite Sky

Concept Template

I used to be able to produce incredible web designs using tables, but then CSS took over and changed all the layout elements into floating layers. As much as I admire its efficiency and robustness, I feel its syntax is irritating to say the least. I had a hard time making this layout because there aren’t any helpful WYSIWYG editors that I know of.

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11 thoughts on “Infinite Sky

  1. The picture is sort of lost there at the bottom :/ As a thought and all it’s great really, but I figured the picture would be better placed somewhere else at least you know .. :/ I hope you’re getting where I am headed with in this short criticism.

  2. i like the color, wayed muree7 lel 3ain.. bs why is the whole thing shifted to the left? is it my computer? wala its supposed to b chethy?

  3. DR, thank you.

    Nonaw, glad you liked it :)

    Jacqui, I dunno where else to place that picture, it’s supposed make my blog look like it’s floating in the sky.

    Solo~Para~Me, I still think it needs work though :P

    Jiji, it doesn’t display well in Internet Explorer, I’ll have to fix it later when I have the time to figure out the code differences.

  4. I like the colors but I think the towers should be a banner on the top not at the bottom. Couldn’t you find a photo of the reflection of the towers in water? so you can have them upside down leading into your page. I feel that most people wont notice them because no one scrolls that far down if they are up to date in your journal.

  5. Photoflow, unless I go out and take another picture, I don’t have any photos of water reflections :P

    Papilliona, a lot of fixing actually :P

  6. I like this template but on Firefoc the blog looks like it’s left justified! Would be better off centered! I am wondering if I am the only person experiencing this problem!

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