Template Trial

Some of you suggested that I place the image at the top of the blog as a header so I tried to use reflections and this is what I came up with:


This is another template I made almost similar to Infinite Sky but instead of sky you have..well sand :/

Infinite Shore

Click on the images for a better look. I didn’t have time to code either of them so you’ll just have to imagine them centered and full of text :P

Which template do you like most?
  Keep it black
  I like Infinite Sky
  I like Reflections
  I like Infinate Shore
  It’s too hard to choose >_<
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11 thoughts on “Template Trial

  1. I love this one, only thing I would do it change the color of the text for the titles (post titles, and the blurb on the top part). Mayber white.

  2. Thanks everyone! Reflection was easier to code, but I hope it works well with Firefox when I’m done with it.

    Q8-Chill Girl, So sweet of you to say that :]

    Photoflow, I agree, I’ve been playing around with colors but I can’t get a matching shade :/

  3. mbrook 3ala reflections :) i voted for it.. and am glad to see that the power of the ppl finally paid off ;p… gr8 work :)

  4. I like both actually. But yeah, the “Anything Goes” part is a bit too harsh. Maybe use another font and color so it can blend with the photograph. Otherwise, it’s all good :)

  5. What color do you suggest? Should I use the same color as the one used for post headlines?

    Can anyone tell me if the Blogger bar (very top) works properly in Internet Explorer?

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