Royale Theme

Here’s something you can do to make Windows XP more bearable to work with:

Download the official Windows XP Royale Theme
(Mirrored by

Install, go to your Display Properties in the Control Panel, select ‘Royale’ from the popup list and voila!

11 thoughts on “Royale Theme

  1. Hey, 3baid, since you’re such a mac fan, maybe you could have a post of tips/things to d/l for new mac addicts?

    Oh, and that Royale Theme is going to look amazing on my laptop. I hate windows now, though.

  2. I always assumed that readers wouldn’t be interested much in tech talk but since you requested it, I’m going to make an exception. :)

  3. Be sure to mention Quick Silver, it’s heaven to a Mac user and the dream to a PC user :P

    The dream of accessing everything within your fingtertips by just typing a few letters of the program you want to run ahh ;/ It’s beautiful!

    Oh yeah and your template rocks now :P Feels so serene ;P And peaceful.

    I see the Made on a Mac logo that’s used in iWeb :P

  4. Jacqui, Quicksiver may be too advanced for beginners. I’m going to post about common features that most people fail to put into use.

    There are many alternatives to QuickSilver btw, like Butler, LaunchBar, etc.. Linux users also have a similar launcher but I forgot what it was called and like I said, I won’t get into those. At least not yet.

    I appreciate your compliments, it’s what most bloggers voted for after all. :P

    I didn’t use the iWeb icon directly; I simply made my own replica in photoshop and tried to matched the font size.

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