Panoramic View

Pretty impressive knowing it was taken on a mobile phone without a stand, no?

Hey there, what you doin’? :]

Quote of the Month: “With all this technology, you’d think they’d have figured out how to eliminate printer paper jams!”


12 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Jacqui, it’s beautiful until you notice that the horizon isn’t a straight line! XD

    Baroque, yup we still have mechanical failures even after leaps in science and technology progress.

    Nunu, So Blue, she’s not for sale :(

  2. Q8Sultana, I love them :]

    Nonaw, I didn’t scare her! I found her sitting like that all by herself :o

    Ms. Baker, it’s nothing really :P

  3. wow! panoramic one is great! reminds me of the panoramic pic release from nasa about the martian surface.

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