Upside Down Papers

Some brands of paper that may seem indistinguishable from regular sheets, are treated in such a way that they can be charged easily to improve printing quality. Next time you decide to open a stack of papers for your printer or copier, take a moment to look for an arrow (or any other kind of indication) and make sure you print to that side. If there’s no mention of a printing side, then you might assume they’re treated on both sides. That or you’re just using cheap paper :P


17 thoughts on “Upside Down Papers

  1. Beyond Q8iya, thank you :)

    PIB, yay same paper! :D

    q8Sultana, I’m glad :)

    Peices of Me, yup, keep an eye out ;)

    Nonaw, no problem :]

  2. thanks for the info never knew what that meant.Hmm.. explains why the last time I bought it for only 400 fils lol (bad quality)

  3. tesharfna feek 3baid o for9a sa3eda maybe awal mara adesh hal blog bs inshala betkon metwa9la le2anek test7eg hal shay :)

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