Mess Tag

I know it’s not much of a mess but I didn’t want to let Photoflow down :P


14 thoughts on “Mess Tag

  1. awwww look its my site on your desk top! Where’s the mess? you can taking a panadol a mess?? lol. Wow you have nothing on your desk, I’m assuming its the computer desk and you do all your studying some where else. Thanks for not letting me down!

  2. U call that a messy desk? Dude, you such a messy slob (of cours I’m saying that sarcastically!…its no neat!)


  3. Where is your keyboard? :/

    Where is it?



    It’s just so beautiful, the iMac that is ;/

    You don’t want to see my desk at home, over and under its a mess, TRUST ME!

  4. Photoflow, that’s not panadol on the desk, that’s Extra Gum. My computer desk is also my study desk, I try to keep it tidy so I have space to write on.

    Q8techdrive, yup, sure know your routers ;) Btw, if you have the same router and want to upgrade the firmware, you need to download it off the Australian D-Link site because it’s not available on the global one for some reason :/

    Flamingoliya, thank you :)

    Jazz Central, My desk may not be messy but my clothes are something else :]

    Jacqui, I’m using Apple’s Transparent Keyboard Pro! Nah, it’s tucked inside the drawer :P

  5. I thin kwe both own the same old ancient printer :: HP deskjet 3325 ?

    I wish that someday my desk could be 15% similar to yours! =XD

  6. 3baid…I dont own this router, but I am familiar with it…yeah you are right..the australian one is the correct firmware for adsl 2+ support

  7. 3 Com and Linksys kick D-Links ass really!

    I swear the range on D-Link routers just pisses me off in comparison with 3com, and also the fact that sometimes it requires restarting the router to make it work :/

  8. MBH, The printer may be old, but there’s no need to buy a new one.

    Laialy, :D

    Jacqui, when I went to buy my router, Linksys cost 25% more than D-Link, and I don’t care about range since I’m the only peron at home who’ll be using it.

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