The Prettiest People

“A7la Nas” (“The prettiet people”)
I don’t read the papers so it was a mere coincidence that I came across this page on yesterday’s Al-Anba’a. I don’t understand what the purpose of that page was; the title, “The prettiest people” makes me question if normal-looking people aren’t qualified to be on there? Secondly, what is the occasion for taking those random pictures? Subtle marital advertisements? Somebody please explain it to me because I can’t get any sense out of it. I can understand why they may be common on magazines, but newspapers? Whatever happened to the innocent baby pictures section? I guess readers aren’t interested in those anymore. :/


25 thoughts on “The Prettiest People

  1. *I will not comment on the people in the pictures .. it’s bad karma.*

    Screw it .. I can’t tell the sex of 40% of the people in those pictures. If they are the ‘prettiest’; I need to find a modelling agent. AND if your going to be in a picture .. smile (and take off your sunglasses indoors .. yes, we are laughing at you)

  2. Jan6a, LOL your bluntness amuses me :D

    Laialy, can you elaborate?

    Kthekuwaiti, you have to give them credit for being brave. Some people have a phobia of having their pictures taken! :P

  3. i agree with this line: “Subtle marital advertisements?” just like high school graduation pictures in newspapers…


    but i guess graduation has its season so they decided to open this..

    and to answer your “Whatever happened to the innocent baby pictures section?”..
    Check Me Blog :p

  4. Now thats what you do when you want to sell more newspaper, so the “prettiest people” tell thier friends to buy the newpaper becouse he/she in it… so that he/she can “eteshe7e6on” and say im “prettier” than YOU!! LMAO!!
    yeah yeah oh yeah my condition was in (or whatever they say i cant remember the song :/)

  5. PIB, ee mako shi’3l :P

    Adorra, eww to the people?

    Pieces of Me, I hope this post cleared things up for us :/

    Swair, at least graduation is some sort of accomplishment, these guys are just.. random!

    Nonaw, I agree that they’re using this to sell more papers. If less people are buying the editors should get the hint that their articles are bad or maybe people are getting their news somewhere else (hint:online)

  6. how did you do the list on the side bar with titles of new posts and bloggers names? !
    don’t tell me by mac! :p

  7. I think it might not have been the best title for the page, but isnt it fun to sit around looking at people? Fine way to pass the time in a university that only has candy machines ;p

  8. Flamingoliya, it’s not a Mac thing :P
    In short, it’s a feature but I’d have to post a tutorial on how to do it :P

    Photoflow, sure it’s “fun”, but this encourages the, “stare-and-judge” habits :/

    The Krispy Dixie, she’s trying to seduce you XD

    Q8Sultana, click on the image and see for yourself!

  9. wow how desperate lol, i bet these men/women would be so embarrassed in ten years if they ever end up married to remember how they had to put there pics in magazines lol yucky yuck

    btw these ppl r not all that to be called ‘the prettiest people’ what the hell lol

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