Western Cartoons of the 80’s

He-Man & The Masters of The Universe

Adam would pull out his sword, yell, “By the power of Greyskull..”, transform into He-Man then end up beating the living daylights out of evil-doers.


21 thoughts on “Western Cartoons of the 80’s

  1. OMG! Memorries of pre 1990’s KTV and UHF/VHF programming!

    Also memorries or the Video Club, Matchmox, IVC, and Al-7izam Al-Azraq stores where I used to go to get video tapes!

  2. I didn’t watch any arabic shows when I was younger!

    I definitely watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I even have pictures in the costume.

    Inspector Gadget <3

    The rest was Seseme Street and Barney. Good times!

  3. Thank you Photoflow :]

    The Stallion, yes I recall my stack of video tapes. I think I had them all memorized too.

    Fallen Angel, LOL, I didn’t mention any arabic anime but, yes they were great as well.

    Adorra, I had Ninja turtles stuff too :D

    Sou, I’m curious, what else have you watched? :P

    Swair, LOL! I haven’t thought of her name in that sence.. eww :P

  4. allaah! thekrayat wallaah.. my fave was thundercats, 7adda kan addictive! I used to have a collection of most of their action figures along with the sword of omens, the cat’s lair and mumm-ra’s pyramid… but unfortunately I gave them all away sometime ba3d el ghazo…

    check this

  5. Kavamaro! I loved that show :) “Ya2kol ya2kol wala yashba3 ninja ninja ninja…”

    “Mmmmm!!! Shawman!”

    Tawny astaw3ib ena shawman is Chow mein.

    I loved “Sally.” I remember kena ana oo khawati inshoof el mosalsal ma3a yaditi oo khalti.

    I also like “3adnan wa Leena,” shway 3ateej bes I loved it. Oo a7la shay dashat il museeqa 3ogob “3adnan wa Leeenaaaaaaa…didiririd didiririd…”


  6. Finally! & I thought I was the only one that didn’t grow up watching Arabic cartoons.. What you did? Dammit! Anyway I was always HeMan & my sister Shera (for obvious reasons), but I also remember spending countless hours imitating Bugs Bunny, shouting ‘Beep Beep’ & trying to memorize all the Carebears.. Maybe it was just me then :P

  7. Dear 3baid,

    I loved how you so wonderfully put this post into a historical context, and tied it to such a huge event in Kuwaiti history. We all each have stories of that time, and tie things like the movies, music or cartoons ( as you have) we were occupied with to it.

    LOL, the kids of my generation in Kuwait have our own cartoons and shows imprinted upon us too, since we were tiny tots at a time when KTV2 used to come on and go off at certain times of the day, so each program or cartoon was studied with great attention and was absolutely precious !


    Those were the days….. ;)


  8. Laialy, You called? :P

    Erzulie, Yes Kabamaru is classic :) I can’t recall any particular episodes though, I just remember that he loves eating a lot.

    7tenths, My favorite looney tunes characters were the road runner :D

    Dear Ms. Baker, I remember the KTV2 days quiet well. They had Austrailian cartoons like Blinky Bill!

  9. Ahh yes, I was in the UK during that time as well. I watched ALL of those cartoons every single day plus more. We used to tape them and watch them over and over again. We still have the tapes. :D :D :D

    My mouth used to water watching the Turtles eat their pizza. I remember the *I CRAVE PIZZA .. NO MORE..* episode like the back of my hand.

    Heman and Sheera. I LOVED the villains in that cartoon.

    Thundercats!! My brother and I had the toy swords and action figures oo kenna nel3ab Thundercats bil bait. I lovvvve Mumraaa.. the ever living. His sa3abeel was always visible when he opened his mouth to scream or to laugh. :D

    Ahhh wonderful, wonderful memories. I’m just so happy I was alive during those times because these days the humour is different and the cartoons are just weird. I know, because I still watch, even though I’m 18. :P


    omg this is an amazing collection 3baid :D great memories great cartoons! they don’t make things like that an more

    The turtles were a craze :D I liked their cartoon & the movie but still i mostly loved their love for PIZZA & how cute they sound’ed when they were young o kanw ygollon PIZZA PIZZA ;p

    He-Man & Sheeeeeeeeeeeerrraaaaa :D lol I LOVED THEM o shera was my perfect lady! ooo I loved this tiny cartoon figure that hides in the episodes & you have to find it,, remember??

    GAADGEEEET is amazing too & he used to laugh the crap out of me ;p ,,,,, still to this day i want to see how the villan “with the cat” looks like @.0

    SILVER HAWKS eli 9j 9j 9j mashalla 3laik eshloon 6ala3ta :D its a movie as I recal that I watched over & over for like a zillion times! great cartoon lovely animations & certainly a creative idea

    hmmm ya3ni mo wayd rb3 m3ahum kethr el BYONIC-5 :D the whole byonic family? remember them? man that was a great series too :}


    Lion-O ,, Shetara & all the rest I had their toys the whole gang! & I used to fight with my cousen for who is SHETARA when we play with our toys

    3baaaaaaaaaaid :D i love ur post it certainly brought up a lot of gooooooood memories, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BIIIIG TIME :>

  11. I watched ALL KIND of cartoons and anime when i was a kid. i watched english french and even some arabic like sindibad and bashar (the bee) which ive been searching about it for a long time. i watched snurfs in arabic which was good but i prefer the french version which was perfect. i luv those cartoons and id watch them again if they’d still be on

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  13. Broooooooooooo….great minds think alike!! LOOL!!!

    I loved Inspector Gadget and TMNT…Michaelangelo was my fav!! ;) I think I might have actually had a crush on a turle !! LOOL :P

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