Arabic Cartoons of the 80’s

Continuing from the post about my childhood cartoon shows, this time I’m going to mention a few of my favorite Arabic cartoons that I’ve watched prior to the invasion and soon after my return to Kuwait. A quick glance and you’ll notice that almost all of these came from dubbed Japanese anime, but back then, that thought had never occurred to me. In my mind, they were all original Arabic cartoons. :P


If I’m not mistaken, this cartoon has to be part of my earliest memory. I don’t recall what I liked about the car, but I do know that the idea of a talking vehicle was engraved in my head and may very well be the reason why I obsessed over Thomas the Tank Engine when I got a little older.


33 thoughts on “Arabic Cartoons of the 80’s

  1. aaaand another lovely cartoon post! :D

    1. I enjoyed it, although 9oot Bombo kan 7ail qatheeth ;/
    2. Al Haddaf may9ek 3al a9el -> “Captain Majed”.. but I enjoyed it as well.
    3. Mazinger Z 3ala 7ad 3elmi was made before Grendizer o kan esooga Koji Kabuto gabel layroo7 7ag Dr. Amoon, eb awal laq6a in Grendizer’s 1st episode u’ll see him arriving in his yellow TFO and having a flashback of Mazinger Z.. it was a nice cartoon indeed..
    4. Captin Majid 3ad thekrayat el ghazo.. that’s when they 1st aired the 1st season, I loved it very much and I used to collect lots and lots of stickers from the Captin Majed’s wafer bar :p
    5. without any doubt Grendizer was my very favorite (“Jongar” comes 2nd).. oh and it’s “Daiske” and “Duke Fleed” y3ni the Duke of Planet Fleed which was completely destroyed by Vega troops…
    6. Khomasy.. ma7eba killish specially el credits song “khomasi khomasi shakh9eya..” ewww :s
    7. Jumaro LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I even have all episodes on my PC.. a while ago I looked hard for a “high-quality” Jumaru’s action figure but I had no luck at all :/ I guess I’ll start looking again…

    6ara 3ala bali now some other cartoons that were special too like “Maymona wa mas3oud”, “Engie”, “Allayth Al Abyath”, “Sinan”, “Na77ool”, “3oqlat el e9ba3”, “Lady Lady”, “Sasuki”, “Ab6al el mala3eb”, “3adnan wa leena”, “Bell wa sebastyan”, “labeeba”, “7ekayat 3alameya”, “Sindibad”, “Lulu el 9aghera”, “Flouna” & “Al ra77ala el 9agheer”…

    here‘s a little something for you.. I’m sure you’ll recognize it :D oh and sorry for the lengthy comment, I couldn’t resist :s

  2. I remember the days I used to open 6 or 7 Captin Majed wafer bars to get a new sticker and hide the baskoot wara il kabat so my mom maa itchikni. AND I actually thought my N shorts were the same too!

    I was also obsessed about Lady Lady. Definitely. Even more than Sally.

    BUT some of my ALL time favourites were:
    “Sa7ib A’Thil A6aweel” – I used to write letters and send packages to myself because of that cartoon. :P

    “A7laam Al Thahabiya” – Is that what it was called? It’s about Esteban and his three friends. LOVED this cartoon so much.

    “Wadi Al Amaan” – Now I don’t know WHAT these characters are supposed to be… animals, humans..? I remember this was the only cartoon that used to spook and excite me. :D

    Another one is 6AM6OOM! I forgot the name of the cartoon, but I LOVED it! It had characters like Sayyed Ananaas and Anisa Mawzaa.. hehe :D

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Photoflow, I loved Captain Majid only after the second season because he had better moves :P

    PIB, I don’t remember Bombo’s voice, all I remember is the theme song :/
    You’re right about Mazinger and Grendizer, in fact, the series continues much longer than the arabic version and they have 3 movies. I remember the stickers! I didn’t collect them though, but they were so popular! Khomasy’s theme song was a failure, but I liked the characters :P I saw an actual-sized Jumaro for sale in Rihab but it was so expensive and I couldn’t afford it :( Another good show which I almost wrote about was “Ri7lat 3annaba”. Thanks a lot for that track, but I already have the entire soundtrack and it’s a favorite of mine :) And don’t apologize about lengthy comments, PIB, i’7thay ra7tich please :)

    ei8, is “A7laam Al Thahabiya”, the same as The Cities of Gold? The three kids? I watched both the english version AND the arabic version :P

    “Wadi Al Amaan” was boring for me, but brings back so many memories because it’s what I used to watch with my cousins when they lived with us. (Their home was destroyed during the war.)

  4. Another great list you got here 3baid; although none of them are my favorite (I like them but not obsessed with them). The ones that I was obsessed with are the ones that are based from books such as “The One with the Tall Shadow (9a7eb el ‘9el el 6aweel)”.

    Ohh by the way, was that the song of credit roll of Inuyasha? I like Inuyasha but not as much as Full Metal Alchemist LOL.

  5. Bombo!!!! I remember that cartoon!!!!!!!!! I used to watch it in the mornings right before mom took me out to the park! hehehe

    Captain Majed!!! My cousins and I used to trade the stickers that came in the wafer biscuit thingies…remember them??? I had one helluva a collection!

  6. wallah ennek thoweeq! I LOVE “re7lat 3anaba” qilla men el new cartoons eli ya3jebooni o that’s definitely one of them! kan VERY amusing specially that “mared” ma3a tha7keta el 3abee6a lol khef 6eena wallah… I intend to buy the whole Episodes leana so worth watching all over again…

    PLEASE do tell me eb ay ma7al bethab6 agdar a7a9lah? 3ayazt adawer online :( 6ala3 el correct spelling is “Jyuohmaru” bas no luck at all mako ella some electronic games and such not the action figure, not even on eBay… wedi shy made by the famous Bandai, they make high quality toys like my Grendizer set..

    as for Inuyasha I think I’ll get the whole soundtrack too! :D

  7. Fallen Angel, yes that was a popular one too but I didn’t like it because there was no action :P

    Nunu, yup :]

    Sou collected Majid stickers? I can’t believe it XD

    Laialy, DVD? LOL! Cool! Where did you get it from?

    PIB, I don’t know where to get them from either :( LOL @ “thoweeq” :P

  8. Oh man that was nostalgic …. all the old favourites in one post. I think what made us like them is that back then we wanted to believe they were more than cartoons. i still watch Japanese Animation like crazy, but it is not the same feeling now cos i kind of know how they are done and produced …

  9. PS: u can find Jyuohmaru action figurs in hobby Japan in Rihab Center.
    If someone knows where i can get the series on DVD i would be very happy thanks

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  11. There was another cartoon, with a giant tomato super hero.. He had a saying something like ‘tam tam tamaatam’ to activate his tiny tomato minions. I haven’t been able to locate that cartoon anywhere Could someone help me find it please.

  12. By far the best cartoons ever made….
    I dont have a copy of any of them but I am trying to track down a few here and there…

    there was one cartoon, a kid who plays baseball like his father…this kid can spin the ball in 20 different directions….the ball dips, slows down and acclelerates all in one….

    whats was that cartoon

  13. also similar cartoon but this time the main character is a boxer and his father dies boxing and he just tryna fulfill a legacy or something…

    ahhh man, best ever

  14. One more I can’t remember. One of the characters drove a car and the others had other transportation of some sort. I remember the car driver – black hair, teenager, red t-shirt cut high and white pants, or tights (looked like ballet gear). I used to watch this cartoon in the 80’s but can’t remember what it was. anyone?

  15. hi,
    im not an arabic speaker but living in UAE, i have always watched a lot of arabic cartoons during my childhood… one was definitely bombo :) and ofcoz captain majid.. who was a lot of people’s hero ;)
    but i reallyyyy need some help in locating this other cartoon of an old woman with a bun on her head and she carries a spoon on her back and becomes small and the spoon becomes big or something like this…. does anybody know where i can watch or get hold of a few of those cartoon clips?
    thanks! :)

  16. thanks for the name but i googled it up and didnt turn up anything :(
    if u ever locate any cartoon clips please do leme know … thanks! :)

  17. I think you’re asking about a cartoon called Lady Spoon.
    Try the following link:
    After you click on the play button an ad will pop up, click on “skip this ad” on the top right hand side of the ad and then the green play button that will come up. I think you’ll only be allowed to watch a certain number of minutes (maybe 50), then you’ll be requested to either wait 72 minutes (I think) to watch more or pay a fee for membership for unlimited access to episodes on that site. If the above link doesn’t work, this is the home page, the cartoons are listed on the left hand side in alphabetical order:

  18. Thank u very much Zainab for ur feedback…. i still have to chk it out but i think u are correct…. it must be lady spoon.. thanks! :)

  19. i am not an arab but i watched a lot of arabic cartoons during childhodd…esp one i remeber was about a boy who goes into space to look for his father.his father is being captured by a ruler in space….thats all i remeber..plz help

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