Clumsy Reporter

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Quote of the Month: “Kellogs is the Nintendo of cereal and the rest are third-party”


19 thoughts on “Clumsy Reporter

  1. *covers Nunu’s mouth* Ahem.. Don’t mind her n_n;

    Poor guy :/ The video may seem set up because it’s been edited to skip all the talking parts, but I’ve seen the longer version.

  2. lol yeah wa9latni hathi before in some forwarded email.. yakser el kha6er maskeen men el 9adma radat fe3la barda kanat he just walked away ;/

    just like this anime expression

  3. Poor Brian, looked like he was crying.. Although his cheeks did seemed a bit full from behind & he suspiciously immediately walked away, which doesn’t seem like an expected reaction after ‘2 weekends’ worth of work comes tumbling down! Hmm.. As for the quote, interesting comparison; so you telling me people stopped appreciating good ol’ Kelloggs too?!

  4. hahahahahahaha

    I saw that one coming! min il bidaya the reporter didn’t look like he had any control over the mic wire… ish hal ‘3abaa’!?

    LOL.. funny clip! :D

  5. OH MY LORDIE! poor thing :| :| wow he’s calm…handled it pretty well i’d say, unless he waited for the cameras to go off :D

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