May Anticipation

I can’t wait for this semester to be over. Thankfully, here are a some of the things that I look forward to next month that will keep me in a good mood:

Mission: Impossible III (5 May)
Finally a decent Tom Cruise Movie!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (10-12 May)
Referred to as E3 for short, the Los Angeles Convention Center is where all the major videogame developers like Nintendo and Sony announce their next generation games and upcoming marketing strategies. Last year’s E3 was a disappointment because the show centered on nothing but prototypes and technical demos but this year, both parties promise to unleash much more exciting information about their consoles as well as showcase some of their franchise titles in playable form.

The Da Vinci Code (19 May)
I can’t count the number of people I know who’ve been waiting to watch this movie.

X-Men: The Last Stand (26 May)
The third X-Men movie and I wouldn’t want to miss it.


10 thoughts on “May Anticipation

  1. i really wanna see davinci code im waiting ofr it, i couldnt be bothered to read the book so il be lazy and watch the movie, and for purposes of tom cruise alone im heading to the cinema lol

  2. Dear 3baid,

    Yes… E3!

    And triple YES! for the Da Vinci Code. I can’t wait for the movie.

    Tom and X-men… mmhh .. Not so much. :)


  3. I happen to like April!

    -There was the French Film Festival
    -Ice Age 2 (which I haven’t watched yet)
    -Endless Art Exhibitions!

  4. الدين شاهين من صاده قنص فيه

    الملك عبدالعزيز بن سعود

    (طبعا كلامه ينطبق على ربعنا اللي خبري خبرك

  5. E3 should be cool, but the movies take the spotlight here! I’m rushing through the (amazing) Da Vinci Code, & at the rate I’m going will finish it before you read this comment! I’d actually prefer to enjoy an obviously spectacular book than risk ruining it by watching a high profile, blockbuster Hollywood film :P

  6. YESSSS!!

    – E3 (Finally we can witness Nintendo Revolution in action)

    – MI3 (A Tom Cruise action movie…that should be great)

    – Da Vince Code (I read the book like 2 times and finished Angels and Demons…cannot wait to see Robert Langdon in action) ^_^

    Great list you got here 3baid…Cannot wait!!

  7. I’m with you when it comes to X-Men 3. I loved both part 1 and 2 :) Can’t wait!

    A definite YES on The Davini Code :)

    but NO WAY for MI:2….i hate that “thing” called TOm Cruise!

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