Car Won’t Start

This morning, my car wouldn’t run and it turned out the battery died. What are the chances of this being the cause of music addiction? :/


12 thoughts on “Car Won’t Start

  1. pretty close to none

    if u have an electronic ignition, then make sure u never leave the key in the slot even when ur at a .. for example .. ma7a6at banzeen for a few minutes

    its things like that that drain ur car’s battery
    if its not, then its probably just abt time to change it ..
    point being, when the car is running and u have somethin plugged into ur wala3a slot, ur not really ‘eating away’ the battery life at all


  2. Yes…definitely! Your car batteries did run out when it comes to a little ipod blasting music for all eternity :)

    Same thing happened to me :) My ipod batteries not only was drianed due the constant use in my care…its was completely exhaused to the point that it cant be recharged at all…sadly it passed away…and so did my car batteries :S

  3. i bet it was

    if u had it there over night and the car wasn’t runing

    why do i now this?

    because it’s happened to me :p

  4. Thanks everyone. I got the batteries replaced and everything’s working fine. I suppose the battery must have died naturally.

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