Enough Homework!

Just when you thought that two midterms, a project and a report all due on the same week was a lot, we get even more homework! And all this during E3.


10 thoughts on “Enough Homework!

  1. ahhh i remember the insanity, personally i think it should be illegal as it causes suicide levels to increase ;|

    biltawfeeg w Allah yekoon fe 3unak ;p cuuute drawing btw :D

  2. Faith, I don’t mind having homework, it’s just that they give us so much at the same time that it becomes impossible to do!

    Jacqui, that’s not a “drawing”, it’s a doodle! I scribbled it down underneath the question numbers because that’s how I felt when I got the assignment. Since I’m too busy to blog at the moment, I thought this would be best to explain why.

    Zizotime, yup :/

    Design82, LOL! Thank you :D You still think I’m an artist though but I’m not :P

  3. Thank you Laialy and Miyafushi. We do get extensions but there’s always a constant amount of work that seems to pile up faster than they can be done.

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