Electric Spaghetti

“Now all you need to do is remember how to connect the circuit again without the help of any diagrams for next week’s final.”

20 thoughts on “Electric Spaghetti

  1. At least you had diagrams to start with!!

    I was evaluating a companies network; the Network admin told me he doesn’t know where cables come from or where they go. I was staring at a room with a couple kilometers of cables trying to figure stuff out. Ended up gutting everything and starting fresh.

  2. Hey! How’s it going? Been awhile huh? Electric spaghetti eh? Looks like fun :P Yalla G’luck on the final!

    Ooooh by the way, the David Copperfield Parody was ma9’7ara! Loved the elevator and the bus parts hehe Also I really liked both 80’s cartoons posts. Hope you don’t mind if I do something similar in the future?

    Also, where exactly in “Muthana” did you find those action figures? Foog? Ta7at? Specifics? Please? You know Ryoga from Ranma? That’s me, in real life, so please keep in mind that my sense of direction sucks, truly hehe yalla take care, Laters!

  3. KtheKuwaiti, I know what you mean. It’s a lot easier to start over a system than to figure out what’s wrong with the current one. Either way, it still requires work :P

    Drunk’n’Gorgeous, glad you liked the posts. Feel free to write about 80s cartoons; I look forward to reading them. I really don’t know how to describe the locatation of the shop at the Al-Muthanna, it’s on the higher floor and I kinda wonder around until I find it but it’s near the stairs. Good luck P-chan! :P

  4. ya 7aram…I’ll be the one standing on the side holding pink pom poms and cheering you on….give me a A…give me a B…give me an A…give me an I…gimmee a Deee…what does that spell….ABAAAAAAAAAAAID!!!..

  5. allah y3enik sij dear..

    sij sij thank GOD ina fe ppl like u who care to study those stuff and put them to work.. otherwise wed still b in the stone ages! or perhaps the ice age? whatever came 1st! ;p

  6. LOL! Thanks everyone, I managed to do well in my exam because I got an easier experiment. I’m glad it’s over :)

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