"Man it’s hot outside…"

We’re almost there. This is just something to keep our spirits high in the meantime. Summer vacation, here I come!


Download the song (MP3)

The anime is called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nuchi Guu! roughly translated to The Jungle Was Peaceful until Guu (the dancing girl wearing pink).

11 thoughts on “"Man it’s hot outside…"

  1. Loooool I loved the dance!
    Hahaha even the trees were dancing!
    I want to wake up to that everyday, perfect for a happy mood.

  2. LoooooooooooooooooooooooooL

    7ada 3ajeeeeeb man ;6a7atny walla :)

    and yeah it’s hot outside… allah e3ena 3ala shahar 8 :(

  3. great song :)..are you an anime fan?…if so, is this jungle anime any good? the song reminded me of “school rumble” which is another good one if u ever think of posting something similar :P

  4. Delicately Realistic, yeah, wouldn’t it be great?

    Zizotime, this is one of my anime picks because it’s very joy-themed.

    Drunk’n’Gorgeous, It’s not over 18 at all actually. It’s just silly :P

    PIB, The pink girl eats everything and there’s a world in her stomache with other people living there! :P

    Nanu, I am an anime fan, but not I’m picky about what I like. I haven’t seen School Rumble but I’ll check it out later.

  5. school rumble is funny, but not one of the best..i like shoujo more..stuff like kare kano (my favorite) and fruit basket.

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