This Is Why Shipping Is More Convenient


From Kuwait (Virgin Megastore/Rihab Complex):

Note: Yes, I know it’s the Japanese version but it’s still not worth 95 KD!


17 thoughts on “This Is Why Shipping Is More Convenient

  1. That’s 57.67 K.D. in price difference!

    Well, shipping companies aren’t any “nicer”; Fedex rips you off real good, as well!

    Aramex is my friend ^_^

  2. eh? Come again. You can actually order stuff besides books, cds, and dvds from amazon? How come it doesn’t work that way with me? I tried ordering a necklace once along with the usual. It wouldn’t work. Help?

  3. YUP! DS Lite is much sexier than the regular DS. I am gonna snag me one at launch date. Thanks for the reminder LOL ;P

  4. Oh! hehe thanks 3abally there was another way. Aramex sounds too complicated. Ah well. Thanks again! :)

  5. hheeeefffftttt 3baid !!!

    I thought I was as smart as u… but alas Murphy’s Law is Tattttooooed on my forehead…

    My amazon order hasn’t arived yet.. better yet I think it’s lost in the middle of nowhere :(

    I make my order on March 27th :(

  6. Diigmaa, check your order status with If it’s shipped, try to find the tracking number and see if it arrived to your Aramex mailbox (if you’re using one) and if it did, contact Aramex for details. If your package is lost, you can contact support on Amazon’s website and they’ll do their best to sort it out.

  7. Hi..
    Off topic: I can see I’m included to your blogroll.. You could now correct my blogspot by changing it with the new one.

    Just click one my nickname! =)

  8. I’ve contacting Amazon sooo many times.. now they just ignore me :( hhhfffttttttt I still love them though.. I forgive them.. I need them.. Can’t live without them..

    I need ice cream !!

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