Is It Old-Fashioned to Breast Feed?

According to a show I heard on the radio many months back, Kuwaiti women have become less willing to breast feed their own children because it’s seen as an old, inconvineient, and in their minds, a primitive tradition. Knowing that some bloggers are already mothers, and many others are waiting to get married, I was curious:

Have you/Are you willing to brest-feed your child?
  Yes! None of that artificial stuff please.
  Mostly yes but I might use bottles when needed.
  I’ll use bottles mostly but I don’t mind from time to time.
  No, I’m more comfortable with bottles.
  I’m never having children!
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Men can vote on behalf of their present or future spouse, and by “bottled”, I’m referring to formulated milk, not breast milk that’s been kept in a bottle.

Quote of the month: “Voice calls are the worst; they’re not copy-paste-able!”.

9 thoughts on “Is It Old-Fashioned to Breast Feed?

  1. Hello! Just wanted to say, as a Dietitian and as a mother…it is extremely ridiculous for people to think that breast feeding is old fashioned and “traditional” and primitive! It has been scientifically proven that breast milk is the best milk for human babies and NO other milk can totally replace it. Infact, if you read some of the written stuff on infant formulas you will see that it clearly states that this milk formula is NOT a substitute to breast milk and that breast milk should be given to the infant for as long as possible. Our children today have increased incidences of allergies, diabetes and other serious diseases and one of the reasons is the increased use of infant formula.

    I believe the use of infant formula has increased because there is a higher percentage of working mothers today. I can understand that it is extremely difficult to breast feed an infant and work full-time. In most cases you will have to introduce the formula, but it’s always best to delay it…at least for the first 6 months!

    Sorry for the long post, I just found it very disturbing that poeple in Kuwait actually see breast feeding as “old fashioned”…that is very ignorant.

  2. what’s so old fashion about brest feeding ther’s no fuss about cleaning and sterailising the bottles I mean c’mon besides Brest milk is the best milk.

  3. greta topic 3baid.. i salute u..

    wut alot of women dont know.. are the benefits of breastfeedin! they all complain how their bodies never get back inshape after giving birth and stuff.. why? they dont breast feed! the stimulation of milk production will cause hips joints and bones to go back to their former shape! as if there were no labor!!

    also risk of BREAST CANCER is reduced when women breastfeed..

    also the human breast milk is rich with elememts, vitamins, antioxidants and antibodies that no formula milk can provide! add to that that the natural antibodies available in the mothers milk is wut giives the child protection against future ailments! lesh elyahal elly ysherbon mameya yestamrethon akthar min elly were breastfed? here is ur answer!

    but who is to listen? the lets die out hair blond and go botox our faces mamas? airheadedness is not required in these situations ladies.. plz open up ur claimed to b opened minds!! save urselves and ur children

  4. Thank you for your contributions. I think the votes are reassuring and it’s good to know that people recognise the benefits.

  5. How can i vote and I’m not capable of breast-feeding!!? this is weird bet hey I’m with the natural way of feeding our children

    I won’t let my wife use Nidu for our child, although Nidu have a great song in the commercial :P

  6. i agree with obsessive compulsive, theres nothing old fashion about breast feeding..

    this reminds me of a commercial that was banned in Canada, it was a commercial of 7 pregnant women (with huge tummies) playing BASKETBALL, being so rough and running, the whole time ur watching ur so want them to stop, at the end it says “You wouldnt do anything to harm your child. You want the absolute best for your child, and nothing comes close to breat milk” but baby companies actually got that commercial banned..because they feared it would decrease sales :/

    I’ll breastfeed until i can, its best for child AND mother

  7. To go along with obsessive compulsive, there’s actually a substance that is secreted from the breast and it’s actually an antibiotic that cannot be artificially made; this substance is extremely important and is the most effective when it comes to preventing any diseases from infecting the already vulnerable baby.
    Referring to jiji’s aesthetic reason, I know a few mothers and soon-to-be moms that have refused to breast feed since, according to their sources i.e. “9aderha 6a7 3ogb ma rathe3at il baby”, they do not want their breasts sag, something that will eventually come along in time and age.

  8. ZizoTime, I already pointed out that you can vote on behalf of your future spouce. Would you want your wife to breastfeed your child or does it not even matter to you?

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