Obnoxious Real Player

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to post about how much I despise Real Player (or RealOne) and its intolerable proprietary format. Seriously, how many times have you heard someone ask, “how do I convert RealAudio to MP3”? Should I mention the application’s annoyances?

“Real Player assumes you want shortcuts to it on the desktop, in the Quick Launch bar next to the start-menu, in the top of the start-menu, another desktop shortcut to “free offers” from real.com, a third desktop shortcut to “Free Aol & unlimited internet”, and last but not least, a special option in the windows search-menu called “Audio/video search.” —Jogin.com

Interface aside, I realize various Arabic music sites rely on the Real Media format for audio streaming but what I don’t understand is why they choose to do so when there are so many common codecs such as MP3, OGG, WMA, or even QuickTime (see the entire list) that offer better quality and flexibility at similar bitrates and bandwidth. I’m assuming piracy is not a concern because those websites typically have, “download file” links.

If you’re happy converting your files, keep in mind that you’re ending up with either worse audio or bigger files than the original! It would be much easier if the providers would stop dealing with RealAudio altogether and move on to a more convenient file format so we don’t have to deal with prehistoric bloated software.


Mazika.com offers WMA
Mazajy.com offers MP3

Registration required on both websites.


9 thoughts on “Obnoxious Real Player

  1. I hate Real Player with a passion since it ALWAYS! screws your computer up and messes with all of your audio and video settings! HATE IT!!!

    I think real player should be destroyed!

  2. Theproblem with formats other than MP3 is that most Audio players, now referred to as MP3 players, only support MP3 (and sometimes the useless, wma).

    Companies should consider formats such as ::
    FLAC: Free Lossless Audio Codec
    Monkey’s Lossless Audio Compression

    Why? because they’re lossless. But who cares for frequencies that the human ear can’t detect? Some do!

    A free tip on MP3 :: If you’re encoding from a CD (ripping), the CD quality is 192 kbps. 128 kbps sucks!

    As 3baid mentioned, converting an RM to MP3 would mostly result in a same quality, larger size file. If the original file had a bad quality, no matter what you do to it, it can never gain better quality.

    btw, those shortcuts you complain about are options during the installation process, as far as I remember. But, they’re checked by default, so if you’re a “click-next-fest” kinda dude, it’s your problem :p

    Best All-in-all player :: VLC

  3. Hi

    There is a better solution, a FREE program called

    Real Alternative, takes less resources, less space, and it has all realplayer codecs, plus it’s own small player

    there is another also for Quicktime

    called, of course:

    Quicktime Alternative


  4. MBH, FLAC and other lossless formats are great for storage, but aren’t fit for streaming as they tend to produce huge file sizes.

    If you want THE best MP3 ripping/encoding, checkout Ubernet.org.

    If you had clicked the link to Jogin.com, you would have read how many checkboxes you have to uncheck! Oh and sometimes it re-creates those shortcuts when you launch the program. It also sets itself up as the default player for almost everything.

    لمياء الحالمة, thank you, I know about those (btw unofficial) alternatives, they were introduced back in the KaZaA days, however the RealAudio codecs are still not up to par with the current modern formats. You’d still have to convert your files to burn them unless you pay a licence fee from RealNetworks.com

    Why all the hassle? :/

  5. “where do i sign up?”

    All you have to do is refuse to use such software and maybe email websites and webmasters and ask them to change their media formats.

  6. While I don’t have that hatred for the app, i just rarely find my self wanting to use it. Others seem much faster and easier.

    And man, you have some history on this player :)

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