Flock: Mini Review

I just tried out Flock Beta 1 and I’m impressed! Based on the Mozilla Firefox engine, Flock comes with the most popular social web tools and integrates them under a simple and responsive interface. In fact, Firefox users will hardly notice any difference between application performance.

Note that the Refresh and Stop buttons have been combined into a single button and although not shown in the above image, each tab has it’s own close button. Even though still slightly buggy, Flock works with Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Photobucket, Delicious as well as few others online services. There’s also a web snippets bar that can store text, images, etc…

This is, by far, the best feature: Spotlight-like searching. As soon as you start typing, you get results from your history, local bookmarks as well as yahoo.com. When you click on a result, Flock will jump directly to the page without going through the search site! In my opinion, this is much more useful than Google Suggest that will be built into Firefox 2.

Finally, Flock also has a useful RSS aggregator and supports many of the already available Firefox extensions. The only apparent set back is that bookmark manager needs a bit of work, but developers claim there will be a fix in the very near future.

Overall, whether you’re going to use Firefox or Flock will depend entirely on your needs, but so far Flock’s all-in-one approach makes it all too easy to jump from blogging and image uploading to quick searching and powerful browsing. Give it a try!


7 thoughts on “Flock: Mini Review

  1. Thanks 3baid for introducing Flock. I’m using it and I’m having great time with it and made my “blog life” much easier!!

    Thank You ^_^

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