Ultraviolet Shower

Temperatures in Kuwait are rising to dangerous heights. Whenever you find yourself outdoors during the middle of the day, try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and be sure to remain hydrated at all times. If you plan on swimming, don’t forget to use protective sunscreen! Stay safe and have a good weekend.


16 thoughts on “Ultraviolet Shower

  1. Wear sun-block at all times. Tara we probably have a helluva killer sun rays issue but the government Moo Bsoub il Taw3iyah.

    Tanned 3al 3ain Wiras (a7la shay) :-P But wear sun block.

  2. Good point, man. You’d think we’d have heard something from someone by now. I mean, some people aren’t privvy to that information. It’s not like other countries where parents are anal about applying sunscreen to their kids. Over here, it’s like “Ohh my kid got sunburned. How cute!”

    I’m always buying sunblocks bas I’m too lazy to actually use it. Too much effort. Nobody expects something bad (like say skin cancer) to happen to them ’till it’s already happened. Yeah anyways what I really wanted to say was is that Ranma in a different pose or the sun’s already worked it’s magic and fried my brains meaning that pics always been there?

    7tenths! This coming from a doctor? Hahaha Shame on you :P

    Besides skin cancer, people, the sun causes wrinkles to appear faster. All regular sun-worshippers get wrinkles sooner than they’re supposed to.

  3. Hehe, D&G, I’m the same. I always buy sunscreen but I only use it for like a week oo ba3dain I don’t bother.

  4. You bet! This heat is a serious mofo, my friend even started seeing mirages and stuff…People should contact Boots and I’m V-Cool pronto

  5. my god it is getting so hot isn’t it!! it’s almost unbearable! Thank God I’m in an over freezed office from 8 till 4 .. by the time I leave it’s still hot but at least just a bit cooler ..

    ee wallah zizo saj .. allah yastir! we’re going to fry .. did you know that most countries get a holiday if the temps topped 50? That would give us roughly the whole summer off! how cool .. if only ..

  6. Peach:

    If you’re watching the World cup these days… The temperature is around 25 (means the half) degrees and el mothe3 egol el jw 7ar wel la3eben egolon we can’t play in this weather… Can u imagine that? :)

  7. The other day when I went to the beach house.. I put on so much sun block it was like freaking slip and slide! I literally was sliding all over the place in side the shalaih and things were slipping out of my hands! lol!

    But this heat is rediculous! for my day job I sometimes have to drive around and do stuff and Im getting killed by the heat! Holy crap! I dont care if my car is a/ced its still HOT!

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