Would you like more ketchup?

Ketchup is a (natural?!) source of antioxidant Lycopene, that is abundant in tomatoes. Studies have shown that the body absorbs it the most when it is in a paste form. But what does Lycopene actually do? Well, according to the website, it helps prevent prostate cancer.

I guess “cancer” is one of those words that consumers would never want come across on their products.

12 thoughts on “Would you like more ketchup?

  1. Ketchup has high ratio of sugar…

    Too much ketchup -> too much sugar

    Too much something -> something goes bad

    Something goes bad -> You go bye bye

  2. al7amdallah i hate ketchup
    but i love chocolate .. madry eash da5l hatha fe almaw’9oo3 but right now i’m hungry loooool

  3. I dont really like ketchup..I might eat it with home made fries abd rice ocassionally (try it!)
    But I eat my restaurant fries with no ketchup

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