Videogames of the 80’s

Continuing my reminiscence of the 80’s, here are some of my favorite NES/Famicom games that I enjoyed playing for endless hours during my childhood. Oddly enough, I never actually owned the console or any of it’s derivative, “all-in-one” versions, but since I was very good friends with our old neighbors, we used to invite each other over and play until we were called forced back home.

Captain Tsubasa II Super Striker

Back in the Captain Majid days, this game was a must have; it had all the famous characters and their cool shooting, passing and dribbling moves. I’ve never gotten past the fourth match because the opposing team’s keeper was able to deflect even the most powerful of shots. In fact, there’s a cut-scene where, after losing by a third goal, Majid would get mad. Immediately after kick-off, the ball would get passed to him whereby he’d attempt a horrific super shot that rips past the net! It was exciting :P


12 thoughts on “Videogames of the 80’s

  1. ya salam 3alaik ya 3baid! a7la posts are your 80’s posts :D

    that “Captain Tsubasa” game was an absolute addiction! but then came SEGA with a better version of it.
    I also enjoyed playing Duck Hunt just for the sake of using The Zapper :p light guns are so much fun! I mean playing “RE: Survivor” with The G-Con was quite a thrill!

    keep them posts coming!

  2. Oh My God 3baid! Great post although im not a video game person. My all time favorite was sonic the hedgehog.



  3. I played and loved them all except the last one :)

    believe there too many games to be involved in one post… the list won’t stop 3baid :)

  4. Delicately Realistic, Don’t get me started! I had so many games for SEGA that I had to carry them around in a big trash bag! :P

    ZiZoTiMe, I’m sure I played more games than those but like you said, the list would be far too long.

  5. Can’t believe you left out Mario! But I totally sense the nostalgic vibe! Contra was awesome (but got pretty damn hard!), all the Majed incarnations I ran across were Japanese so I didn’t dwell too much on the game, TNMT was definitely a classic! The first level with the fire is forever imprinted in my mind! As for that ‘captain 3omar’ game, I’m not sure but I think I played it. I recall this one soccer game that was really primitive, but the coolest thing was each team had a special ‘tholathiya’ that would vary (zooms, twirls, etc); oh and there were no fouls so you could knock out the whole opposing team and ensure a victory! Rockman was also pretty cool, obviously the different bosses was the main attraction..

    Did you ever play that Simpsons game where you start off playing Bart (in the park), then Lisa (in the mall, with the hats)-that game took over my childhood! & it was HARD!!

  6. Hmm 2 images is barely enough to spark my memory, but those popping eyes phenomenon does look vaguely familiar.. As for the Simpsons game you’re talking about, I remember that one, they hat it at Showbiz right? That game was awesome! But it’s not the one I was talking about :P

  7. we owned an MSX, and a few titles that I still remember playing r mostly Konami: penguin adventure, knightmare I, II,kings valley I&II, castle and castle II (cracked em all) oh and the nemesis series..
    those were the times ;)

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