FastTelco Blocked!

I don’t know if this is a mistake or not, but this is not fair!

Update: It’s been ublocked


13 thoughts on “FastTelco Blocked!

  1. 3baid-

    That is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how many Kuwaities have their photos on Flickr?

    This also happened to me a few days ago with Flickr on Qualitynet as well. They have subsequently appeared to have lifted the block… It is really making me angry.


    Ms. Baker

  2. The ISPs in Kuwait all connect to a large database to get a list of blocked websites. ISPs don’t know about the majority of blocked sites. Thats why if there are any sites that are blocked (for no reason), you should email them and tell them to unblock them. ;)

  3. yikes i dont know what i’ll do if i get to kuwait and they block my blog or my flickr.. i’ll probably cry, and then get a life ;p this is junk, real junk!

  4. Screw that! Seriously people! Email the crap out of them! I have emailed maybe 5 times already! And I said I will cancel my contract and switch to QualityNet! GET ON THEM! People call and threaten! when money is involved they will change their tone! And open it up!

  5. That is just wrong. It is sad to see sites blocked, and people’s access denied. What is this world coming too, when telco’s feel they have to make choices for people?

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