NBK.com now Firefox compatible!

Mac and Firefox users rejoice! NBK has finally bothered to make their services accessible through your favorite Mozilla browser. I want to send my thanks to a special friend of mine who sought that this request be addressed immediately. Great work :)

Update: Confirmed browsers are Netscape, Opera, Flock, Camino, and Safari.


8 thoughts on “NBK.com now Firefox compatible!

  1. Halaluya! At last! They gave in!

    The problem is that the smart IT department at NBK got all Microsoft Proprietary products without thinking about it! They aint too smart!

  2. Well, it was about time, and thank you 3baid for taking care of it… it drove me crazy that I could only use internet explorer to do my online Kuwait banking!

    Anyway, whats their prob with allowing Safari? My US banks have no prob with this…


  3. True Story ::

    Their old portal used to check your browser in a page then redirects you to another. So, I changed my browser’s user agent ID to look like I’m using IE instead of FireFox and was able to login.
    I contacted them via their messaging center and told them of what I did.
    Next thing in the morning, they called me asking on “how I hacked the system”!! LOL!!
    I kept laughing at the woman WHILE she was talking! And she blurted that IE was the safest browser EVER and that THEY HAVE TESTED IT! ROFL!!
    This was back when FireFox was in its 0.9.2 version…

    Funny IT minions.

  4. That’s a little strange because in Opera, you can change the agent-ID into anything you want but it still didn’t load. A friend told me that it was a javascript test within the redirected page?

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