Playing with Kubuntu

Thanks to this guide, I finally managed to get the Airport Extreme card (Broadcom’s Wifi Controller for Apple) to work under Kubuntu. My 12″ PowerBook G4 is now set up to dual boot between Mac OS X 10.4 and Linux because I don’t intend to upgrade it in the future.

Despite speed, stability, compatibility and security, the latest version of Kubuntu/Ubuntu is still not fool-proof. I was impressed when it recognized my Bluetooth hardware, but when I came to change my display setting from, “custom 1″ to ’12” Apple PowerBook’, the GUI completely stopped working! I had to resort to writing commands to autodetect my display, and even after that I was stuck with 256 colors. Thankfully, there was a backup of the initial preference file and after a few attempts I was able to get it restored.

Overall, I think the Ubuntu development team is heading in the right direction, but in the meantime, I haven’t found any particular feature that I would want on OS X. Keeping in mind that the Linux is completely free, you can’t really complain :P


7 thoughts on “Playing with Kubuntu

  1. WiFi & Bluetooth adapters aren’t well adjusted with Linux yet due to the fact that manufacturers aren’t willing to provide drivers for Linux nor the needed documents for amature hackers to make drivers for Linux.

    Nonetheless, there’s a good set of devices that work extremely well under Linux and I can safely say, better than Windows in laps.

    Linux on a laptop isn’t much of a good idea… The laptop is too delicate and requires specific drivers. Linux is more of a generic tool… One would have to tailor it to his/her own needs.

    Welcome aboard & enjoy the ride ;)

  2. Very well done! I was just thinking about trying Unbutu on an old PC to see how it is compared to other variations I have tried.

    Linux is an amazing OS, and very resource efficient! That is why I like it!

    Goodjob installing it!

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