16 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past

  1. mIRC?

    I used to chat on that myself in the Kuwait room. I wonder how many bloggers used to be in there in 97-98 :o)

    The funny thing is, I think my nickname was Sultana even back then :o)

  2. my hate-hate relationship with hotmail began since I started an account back then I was a freshman at 95-96.. Wow.. 11 yrs now ! kabbartna ya 3baid alla yhadaK ! ;P

  3. Sultana, I hated the Kuwaiti channels!

    baqsima6ah, yeah time goes by real fast doesn’t it?

    ZiZoTiMe, “Hotmail is going to shut down, please forward this to all your friends!” ugh..

  4. Oh boy, this is supposed to be old? What would you call CompuServe, BBS and BIX? Have you searched for information in an era before Google and Yahoo with Gopher, Archie & Veronica? Asked others for help on a Usenet newsgroup? Browsed the web with Lynx? … those were the days my friends ;-D

  5. Marzouq: I had my computer hooked up to a phone handset with an acoustically coupled modem, but I doubt the claimed speed of 300 BPS was ever achieved

  6. 3baid: once upon a time, a hefty tax was imposed on modems. I can’t remember the amount but I never paid it; I think the charge was applied erratically anyhow.
    In 1995 I purchased my last non-Apple computer (a BeBox) and I had to go to the ministry of communications in Kaifan to pay the import fee. I think I had to pay 10 KD, but the lady in charge asked if the computer had a modem – it didn’t. I asked her if I didn’t wish to pay for a modem, she laughed and suggested in that case to send the computer back to France.

  7. baaaih! been using irc since ’95! I still remember it like it was yesterday! at’thakar shakel el irc el qadeem o sheno kan my 1st nick which I can’t mention leana 7ada kan 3abee6 lol I’ve had sooo many nicknames o been Oped in so many channels (and once in Efnet’s #kuwait for a whole 1 minute! thanks to the #’s owner at that time) I did my share of creating my own mIRC scripts, setting up bots/screens/BNC/psyBNC and all that shell stuff.. I still have some up and running on Efnet but I don’t really join much.

    as for Hotmail fa awal email le kan either in 95 or 96 and is still active!

    men egol eni garagt wayed? latyeeb 6ari shy qadeem marra thanya 3ashan ma astan 3alaik :p

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