Need A Fish?

It’s truly fascinating how those street sellers manage to sell the most useless and unpredictable things even under maximum heat conditions.


6 thoughts on “Need A Fish?

  1. imagine this, at 12pm … in the middle of the day and ITS HOT!!! and he’s selling cleanx boxes?!!!

    PS: we want some “cooling” posts, gadgets and stuff =P

  2. No, it is NOT fascinating.

    It is plain cruel to sell the poor fish in this heat and under such conditions.

    People: Do not encourage these street sellers by buying from them. They are everywhere and a nuisance.

  3. If there existed so much as a semblance of a functioning municipality in Kuwait, street hawkers would not thrive.

    But all things considered, you’ve got to hand it to these people ;they are hard working persevering people whom nature has dealt a bad hand, and are only trying to improve their lot. Since when has that become a crime? For all you know, they might make role models for today’s Generation Next.

  4. And I so want to see these guys selling cruise holidays and taking bookings for time share options on holiday homes in St Lucia and Bali.

    Thank heavens for little mercies!

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