How Many Kuwaitis Does It Take To Screw a Light Bulb?

One of the lights in my room stopped working last night so I thought I’d replace it. When I got up on my chair, I found out that the metallic screw part had oddly detached from the bulb and remained stuck to the holder on the ceiling! Luckily, I managed to twist it loose with of a pair of pliers, but only after getting a cloud of dust caught in my eyes that almost sent me flying off the edge of my seat. Maybe I should stick to brand names next time. @_x


13 thoughts on “How Many Kuwaitis Does It Take To Screw a Light Bulb?

  1. I boughtone of those “light-savers”, the ones with huge curles & stuff;

    A while ago, while I was sitting at my PC, surfing the net, one of the bulbs exploded and everything went off…

    After fiddling with the DB box, I got the power back on and discovered that only the bulb (without the base) had exploded and went flying towards my pillow!!

    Thank God I wasn’t sleeping o_0;

  2. Well.. ga3da amor eb nafs el tajriba taqreban hehe .. el abajora ele next to my bed ele a7ebha wayed doesnt work.. i tried many kinds of bulbs bas it also not working..
    I think im gonna buy a new abajora :/

  3. Zalabya, the primary reason for bulbs going out quickly is heat. Some lamps have the shades too close to the bulb and that makes them hot and eventually burn out.

    Laialy_Q8, glad you find it amusing :P

  4. When that happens just get a potato, cut it in half then shove in the socket with the POWER OFF and twist it out.

  5. Delicately Realistic, it’s a light bulb, how hard could it be? :P

    nibaq, a potato?

    MiYaFuSHi, yes especially on chairs that turn and have wheels! :/

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