Videogame Speed Runs

If you’re an avid gamer, you might want to check out the Speed Demo Archive; a site with a collection of mind-boggling, fast-paced gameplay videos from more than 250 console and PC titles. How those folks manage to pull off such whacky maneuvers throughout the entire game is beyond me, but nevertheless, here are some of my favorites:


7 thoughts on “Videogame Speed Runs

  1. Resident Evil 4 (2:06:24) ???!?!?!!

    PIB!!! le7gaaaay!! LOL!!!!
    2 hours to like half the game??? omg?!! or for the whole game? stupid question!! okay *takes a breathe*

  2. Yeah I read about this stuff & saw a few videos, but I think it kind of ruins the whole ‘videogame experience’; I mean it’s supposed to be enjoyed, not raced through! I used to hate games where there was a time limit for each level, I like to take my sweet time looking for every coin & exlpring every ‘ledge’ :P Guess it depends on the videogamer..

  3. WOW!! I second 7eveny, I used to and still hate games where theres a time limit for each level, I like to take my whole time looking and exlopring, say as Tomb Raider

  4. Nonaw, I know, they’re insane!

    7tenths, I totally agree with you! But you gotta admire those crazy experts; they know the game inside and out! @_@

    Nunu, that’s why I wasn’t comfortable with games like Pikmin and Majora’s Mask :/

  5. WOW…That’s a nice selection of game. Loved the Metroid Prime speed run.

    Just one comment: WHAAAAAA!! The race against the time is what made Majora’s Mask soooooo original…besides there are many melodies you can play to slow the time and stuff…but, I do understand what you meant though LOL.

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