How to Reduce Firefox’s High CPU Usage

Running multiple tabs in Firefox has become a common habit for modern web surfers, but to the resource-conscious, it’s a CPU‘s nightmare. Let me demonstrate. Have a go at opening these websites simultaneously then watch them grind your precious clock cycles to oblivion -whether you minimize the application or not! (My record was 87%)

Have no fret though, because there’s an already-popular NoScript extension, that dramatically lowers the load on your processor and lets you browse safer and faster, even if Flash remains enabled. Until Mozilla improves their code, I highly recommend all power users to install it for a better online experience.

Extra: For even more optimization, use optimized builds.

7 thoughts on “How to Reduce Firefox’s High CPU Usage

  1. I recommend not to use this until they come up with a lite version or something, two thumbs down. This completely screwed up my system. This extension blocks everything and then you have to go back and choose what not to block and its not easy trying to figure out which scripts are OK because some pages need them to operate properly. I couldn’t even white list sites cause they still blocked … something and I couldn’t use the sites. If you go to movies sites .. sites with many graphics then this is not the extension for you.

    • In that case, install Flash Block. The scripts will load but flash will be blocked until you click and load them manually.

  2. Nah, this is not a solution at all! Block Java or Flash, and what? Use pure HTML? this is not problem fixing this just burying it…

    • Not all websites need Flash or Java. In fact, most of them are plain text with images, and the rest is advertising. You can tweak firefox plugins to block only whats unnecessary and save your CPU cycles. Otherwise wait until Mozailla improves their Javascript engine, and Adobe to do something about their Flash.

  3. Yes, the CPU usages of FF is about 97% and the PC keeps hanging. I tried to do some tweaks with about:config and disabling the browser cache, but it didn’t work for me.
    Is there any other solution?

    Awnish Kumar

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