Analyzing Last Week’s Blog Posts

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There may never be a clear answer to, “when is the best time to publish a post?” but if the past week was any indication, I’d say Kuwaiti bloggers are most active at times between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Furthermore, the numbers agree with me that Friday is the worst most unproductive day of the week :P


8 thoughts on “Analyzing Last Week’s Blog Posts

  1. Well done 3baid!
    Im impressed :)

    I guess ur results say that, bloggers finish doing their work in the early morning between 8-10 & then yitfarigon 7g the wonderful world of blogging! :>

  2. Brave on the excellent analysis you got there. That should give me a hint on when I should publish my post on the aggregator…LOL.

    Off topic: How can you reduce the number of displayed post in your blog…say from 7 to 5 posts? Cuz too much posts in a page means too much lagging time. Thx in advance ^_^

  3. Very Noice I must say!!!

    Yea I just posted at 10 so I hafta agree! Wow, I wonder what it means for ppl to post so early, coz normally the morns are supposed to be the busiest time -when you sort which part of your head you gonna pull the hair out of in exasperation at what time of the day!

    Addicted bloggers or slow easy summer days, I wonder?

  4. That’s impressive!

    I, personally, like o post in the middle of the week because that’s when I can tell how my week is going (bad or worse) :p, but over the weekends I’ll be busy shopping and away from the PC. And mornings are my fave only because the internet connection is faster then ;).

  5. im impressed mashalah ;)

    well i post at all times!
    i never plan when to post.
    i have always noticed that most of the time, bloggers tend to post on Saturdays and Sundays!
    so madre .. !!

    but i have to agree i rarely do on fridays coz .. we all hate them dont we!

    good job ;)

  6. Delicately Realistic, thank you and yes that’s pretty much how it goes.

    Fallen Angel, to reduce the number of posts on the main page, look in the Formatting setting.

    Jitterbug, maybe it’s a bit of both.

    Cece DeSouza, interesting :)

    No3iK, yes Friday is evil and I wanted this to be as unprepared as possible to get good results.

  7. Wow…you did a great job collecting all that data! I’m impressed :)
    Well, I post whenever I have something to say, you know. And Fridays I’m usually out so definately not on Fridays :)

  8. hehehehe… I post a couple of posts on friday to make sure there is reading material for people! Sometimes I keep a juicy item for friday! hehehe

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