"I Miss You Guys"

My 9-year-old brother is a coward and a show-off; two characteristics that don’t go together very well. Whenever he’s out visiting a relative or a friend and someone brings up the topic of sleeping over, he would get all excited about it and declare, “I’ll call my mother now and persuade her so we can stay up all night in your room!”.

What you may not be aware of however, is that my brother has a history for this sort of thing. If he’s about to sleep at someone else’s place, he would mysteriously develop an upset stomach right before bedtime. Then according to him, the only way to cure his sickness is if he goes back home to get a special medicine -in fact, he used this excuse so many times that at one point he even forced himself to vomit to prove it.

Anyway, last night, my mother got a phone call from him, and as usual, she was expecting the same excuse for him to get back home. With a jittery voice and a tone that’s on the verge of crying he begged, “Mom, can you send the driver over? I can’t stay…”.

“Why? Is everything okay? Are you sick again?”, trying to sound surprised.

“No it’s not that…”, he mumbled as he began to realize that he was running out of ideas.

“Then what is it?”, she asked.

“…it’s just that I miss you guys!”.


14 thoughts on “"I Miss You Guys"

  1. 7araaaaaaam

    lish teftha7aaah :(

    i use to be just like him bss after living alone i have learned how to sleep anywhere/anytime

  2. Laialy, it’s his fault for not being honest with himself. All he needs to say is, “no I only sleep at home” and be done with it.

  3. hehehe.. seriously he’s clever !
    he keeps his appearence and gets to sleep at his house.. beautiful !

    i like him !

  4. eh, we shouldn’t believe children his age.
    My 10 year-old brother doesn’t mind to live away from us; he will never miss anyone!!

  5. Points
    Abii :/ I want a little brother like that. Actually I want a little brother PERIOD ..

    ..Willing to rent him out?

  6. I’m in love with your kid brother, but after having a young sibling of my own I can understand how you just want to kick them in the butt sometimes. But he’s so cute.

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