Fat Wallet

I paid for a sandwitch with a 20 KD note and my change only came in halves and quarters. :/


17 thoughts on “Fat Wallet

  1. i believe the more notes u get.. the more u spend.. theres sumthin with the 20 that makes ya think ina “oooh its a 20 its money” ;p as if .5s and .25s werent ;p

  2. I spend the same amount regardless of how many notes I have, but it’s known that you’re less hesitant to spend the smaller ones :P

  3. They say “Money is dirt” So, me being nice & all I offer my services of cleaning up that fat wallet now AND when the Amir’s 200 KD arrives. Oh all of that cleaning would be free of charge. coz am nice and all :P

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