Spray or Stick?

This was inspired by Obsessive Compulsive’s post about body odor. I’ve always debated that while stick and roll-on deodorants are discrete when applied and presumably last longer, sprays are cleaner to use because they prevent contamination.

Which do you prefer?
  I have no sweat glands.
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15 thoughts on “Spray or Stick?

  1. stick aw roll-on! why?

    1st.. spray and aerosol is THE main cause for ozon depletion! due to the hydroflorocarbons incorporated in these cans as propellants..

    2nd aerosols make the arm pit skin look darker cuz it is more fragerance than actual stuff.. and its biologically active with the bacteria thats abundant in human prespirate.. hence the dark discoloration of the arm pits.

    3rd roll-ons and stick provide a longer effect.

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