Efforts That Went Unnoticed

Some time in 1998, I stumbled on a neat anime site that was made by an amateur Kuwaiti girl who called herself, “KittyCat”. Her well-designed website which lasted about a year or two, mainly consisted of her drawings but she also had some multimedia, “funny files”, a short guide on HTML and a bunch of links.

Some of her anime drawings.

Her desktop (Windows 98)

Obviously, this may not sound too intriguing by today’s standards, but bare in mind that, back then, popular hosting and content management services like GeoCities and Bravenet were very limited and oftentimes, produced hideous pages. (In fact they still do). In contrast, KittyCat’s website featured multiple rich pages, was hosted on Qualitynet servers and even had its own domain name, “PinkyKitty.com”! Check out her, “Proud to be Kuwaiti” page:

So where is KittyCat today? Your guess is as good as mine, but if she miraculously happen to be a blogger, then let it be known that her work hasn’t gone unnoticed :)


16 thoughts on “Efforts That Went Unnoticed

  1. Have you actually taken screenshots of her work or saved the HTML files?
    If you have the HTML files, who’s her sponser? (notice the footer in the 2nd screenshot)

    1998, ha? The same year I started learning web design, but I guess she surpassed me by including graphics.

    According to whois records, it was “Created on: 23-Oct-98” – “Expires on: 22-Oct-06” – “Last Updated on: 26-Apr-05”

  2. Wow I remember her! Used to adore her site cuz of the drawings and the helpful tips she had. You brought back oooooold memories :P

  3. 3baid,
    If kuwait-net.com doesn’t exist then why is the domain name is still being registered to QNet?

    Do a whois yourself, or let me know if you want the output.

  4. This is really cute!
    I have an even older story;
    I used to collect the same character stickers!

    P.S. By the way, check out my blog, I’m new here.

  5. i know this girl in person =P

    i wasn’t “into” internet back then tho .. but i rememeber seeing her designing it and stuff =D

    wow! i cant believe that was 8 years ago!!!
    hehehe =P

  6. i remember herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hehehehehehhe i first saw her site in 98. I know her cousin who helped her design the site :)

  7. I can’t believe this! Thank you so very much for all of this. Thanks for remembering me too. I loved those days, when I could just work on anything I like:). No, im not a Blogger though sometimes I do think about it…it nice to express ur feelings openly now & than. Thank you again, actually I dun know how much I can thank you ♡

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