Fake iPods Spotted in Fanar

A small shop called Commtech located in Al-Fanar is selling phony iPods, and with that, I have reason to doubt the authenticity of the rest of their products. They currently sell mobile phones, digital cameras, and some clocks, so don’t fall for their illusive prices.

Update: For those of you who don’t know what real iPod Nanos and Shuffles look like, click here and here.


18 thoughts on “Fake iPods Spotted in Fanar

  1. How can you tell?
    If you’re sure you could denounce them to the authorities.
    I know someone who bought a fake hang bag at Al Salhyiah, and she got her money back, the store had to pay a tax.

  2. my bros skool gave him a price for some achievement madre ba6ekh.. so anyway,

    the prize was an ipod nano..

    we knew it was fake right away.. the screen ashkara it even was wobbly.. and with time the play button and stuff beda yenmese7 el-lon.. and emm.. yeah.. EBAYIN elfake ow original lama 7a6ena malna el original yam elfake!

  3. Thanks for the warning. It’s weird how “ta8leed” stuff are spreading, I mean first it’s clothes then its bags then its dvds and now its ipod?

  4. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at the photo that it’s fake –click the image to enlarge it.

    Bloo, I mentioned the name of the shop: it’s the fifth word in the post!

  5. Does no one realize that real iPods are made in china too? Most people never think about this. I bought a fake (knowing it was a fake) on eBay for US$65 (shipping included) I’m waiting for it to arrive.

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