Saudia Majestique

Behold my new favorite drink: 330 milliliters of fizzy grape juice goodness. For the curious, it tastes like… somewhere between a Sprite and a Shani? Also comes in 1.5 liter bottles :)

Price: 150 fils.
Sadafco’s Majestique Page: English/Arabic

Slightly off-topic: Who wants to be the first to make a Shani Wiki page? :P


12 thoughts on “Saudia Majestique

  1. Water is my current (and hopefully ever after) favorite drink.

    I’m quitting all gassed drinks! Even juices, unless fresh (fresh != KDD)
    I’m also avoiding mineral water, because seriously, it tastes funny AND it causes those kidney stuff (7a9wa?)

    P.S. :: ! means not, in logic.

  2. A Page in Wiki for shani? :P!!!!
    i think shani got a power in kuwait .. i know people who’s addicted to it .. seriously!! .. eh?!!
    lol ..
    anyways, gonna try them soon

  3. @mbh some ppl say mineral water isn’t 2 good for your health the water that we get here in kuwait is just fine you don’t even need to filter them except if your pipes are a bit old then yea maybe you do.But in general water here in kuwait is just fine
    @Delicately Realistic:Orange juice is good

    I don’t really like soda, fizzy drinks or anything of that sort I spend at least 15 minutes at the milk and juice section reading the contents it drives my parents crazy

    3baid sorry for answering the comments I just had 2 :p

  4. ma7eb fizzy drinks :S

    how abt u go out to jam3eya and pick some juice ow 3a6na review ;p

    p.s ams shift the nestle chocolate hush ow i laughed my bum off ;p

  5. Kuwait’s normal tap water has a weird taste in it… I think it’s extra clorine.

    New houses should use plastic/polymer pipes, not copper. They don’t wear out as fast and most importantly, don’t absorb heat from outside X(

    What’s with the pale template? White? Seriously?
    Dude, use dark colors… for the sake of the konsole! :p

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