Smile! Or else…

This is freaky. From Papillona‘s latest post:


“Keep smiling. Keep shining. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.”

And on the same day from Yahoo Horoscopes:

Update: Another post!

11 thoughts on “Smile! Or else…

  1. And the black template made me smile! ROCK ON!

    (I poked a bit with the new blogger, but didn’t notice the categories — is it template relaed?)

  2. I second Marzouq, sometimes I remember funny stuff or day dream of funny stuff and I smile (innocent smile) — I happen to notice the girls’ look at me, thinking I’m hitting on them!
    If it were guys, they’d either think I’m insane or gay!!
    I just laugh inside and call them perverts :p

  3. Hope, well it’s almost sounds like there’s a consequence for not smiling :P

    MBH, the labels/catagories is hidden in the template by default but you can easily add it with the new WYSIWYG template editor.

    A Daydreamer, I am! I just hope it’s good enough to get me through the day :P~

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