Google Fridges Beta

FridgeI hope Google’s image recognition software can help index this picture because we could sure use a search engine for our fridge right about now. It may not be apparent, but there are a lot of duplicate items :/

Google Fridges BetaRelated: A cool Google mini-fridge


9 thoughts on “Google Fridges Beta

  1. yes.. i forgot to mention fe my last comment ina:

    i notice u got too many.. TOO MANY eye drops and nose drops blah blah blah.. those things are not intended to be stored after the seal has been broken, i.e. after openning them by one month

    so if any of those drops is opened and its been over one month.. plz dispose! cuz those drops dont contain any preservative like the rest of the syrups and liquids u purchase.. ow theyr supposed to b sterile! so imagine wut ui could b exposing ur eyes to when u use non-sterile eye drops!


    -feels like a silly old mom ;p-

  2. I forgot to mention that the contents of that fridge are under exclusive ownership of the parents. :P

    I rarely get sick, and even when I do, I only resort to medication as a last resort.

  3. dude, is that your fridge? if I gave you 30 seconds to make a bomb, could u?

    these are the questions that keep me awake at night. :D

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