Serious HDD Backup

Ever since Apple demoed Time Machine, an automated backup software for their next release of OS X, I’ve been keeping an eye out for external hard disk drive prices. The Jarir Bookstore happens to be selling a 300 gigabytes Maxtor for 57 KD, but if you’re looking for massive storage, they’re also offering 1 terabyte for 265 KD.


11 thoughts on “Serious HDD Backup

  1. Check out Amazon they have a Shared Storage Maxtor of 300GB priced at 250$ which is around 80ish KD which in my opinion is a great deal. I want a Shared Storage Drive, something to oconnect to my network at home and dump all the tv shows that I am sharing and free up my second 120GB HDD

  2. Jackie, A friend of mine bought a hard disk from Amazon. He paid over 20 K.D. just for shipping!
    And what about warrantee? Are you gonna pay an extra 40 for sending and receiving the unit if it fails?

    I don’t think they’re yet affordable, here in Kuwait (another word for extorsion!)

  3. Jackie, I don’t need a shared drive :P

    MBH, some people buy internal drives because they’re cheaper and then use an external case.

    Mark, I checked clicknbye before I posted but I must’ve missed it :P

    How come only tech bloggers commented? XD

  4. Interesting I didn’t know that it would be that expensive for the shipping, again I’m still waiting for a good cheap “Shared Storage” solution :r

  5. Pretty Expensive, I usually buy brand new harddrives off eBay for cheap. I bought a 120GB Passport for $120, definately worth it! Although I get my sister to send it with someone coming to Kuwait and also you require a US based creadit card.

  6. Im totally with you on that! You could never have enough backup! And I have gone a bit further then that and gone for something crazy! hehe! Networked and everything! Probably getting it in two weeks! I will be posting details later! hehehe

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