The Stuck-In-My-Head Song of the Week

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift

“I wanda if yu kno
How dey leeb in To-ki-yo
If you see me den you meanie
Den you kno yu have to go
Fass and furiiiiaaaaaasssssss”


22 thoughts on “The Stuck-In-My-Head Song of the Week

  1. The coolest was when a guy came to Alrayya Parkings o M3alee this song to the Max and dancing.. LOL
    He really Spread the Vibe!

  2. i didnt see it yet
    bas ya kerhek 6ool ma ana asma3ha 3agda 7awajbi
    moz3eja elsong
    elly lazem te3aleg fee mo`7ek sexy back 4 justin
    thats a good song
    ya kerhek hayabanyat sakoo rasi mo ratheen ye6le3oon

  3. I downloaded the OST and I have to say that it’s not even worth downloading!

    For a movie full of races, they should’ve used OSTs from anime like Initial D and from composers like Crystal Method & Gackt!

    Losers :/

  4. I love the song because I loved the movie! It got me going! And the song is my ring tone for two of my friends who loved the movie as well! It got us going! hehehe! Its just one of those songs that you cant get out of your head! loool!

  5. L0L Its stuck in mines too!
    It has been since I first saw the movie!
    The part where the japanese girls go FAST AND FURIOUS (FASTA AFURIYOOO) Drift Drift (DWIFT DWIFT)
    Agh wont get outta my head ;p
    (Smacks head on wall)
    Makoo faydah :P

  6. The beat & tune is catchy, this is why its stuck in allyall’s heads but I’m not too sure about the singing..too much Harijuku school girl funk
    I can’t stand Jpop specially if sung in English..some people aren’t supposed to sing in anything but their mother tongue
    The French
    & Indians

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