Misleading MTC

If you ever call MTC‘s phone support, don’t take their word for granted. Today, many months later after reporting a lost SIM card and asking to permanently stop the account, I found out that MTC had been stacking me up on monthly fees. When I pointed out that I’ve been told that my phone line had already been “deactivated” they said,

“Deactivating your phone line is NOT the same as canceling your subscription!”

In other words, you can still be billed for a number that doesn’t even work. I fail to see how MTC’s call support ignored pointing that out, especially after repeatedly stressing that I will no longer be using that line.

Update: I received a kind email from the MTC webmaster (who also happens to be a fan of my blog!) asking me to file an official complaint, but since this is the first time I’ve had a problem with MTC, I’m going to let it pass. I have already cleared all my debts and I see no reason to pursue the problem.


8 thoughts on “Misleading MTC

  1. That sucks!
    If you could get the contract conditions from MTC, you could check if it’s true. They do this all the time, and since no one actually do something about it or very few, they end up making a lot of money.
    In case it’s written in the contract, I advise you to write down a letter and either fax it or send it by mail to the director of MTC. You could get your money back.
    Good luck

  2. latkhaleehom, call again and ask for a leader of a group to speak to .. there are probably 4 to 6 on each shift

    tell them you have no problem with them pulling out the recorded call if need be, and tell them they can check that the line’s not been used etc etc

    if s/he didnt point it out, they can easily credit you to make it up ..
    mathen warak saify, fa gazirha 3ala maybalish eldawam :p

    nothing is more fun than corporate harassment (if ur doing it 6ab3an heh)

  3. no wonder bro how these companies report record profits…we need a company that runs on co-operative kinda functioning……let the customers be benefitial…

  4. aaawww !!!

    omg! i got pissed off reading ur post!
    hope this never happens.
    ive got lines canceled years ago but they never did this to me?

    anyways, thanks for the heads up
    we all should double check on such things i guess ;)

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