Firefox 2 Beta 2

I’m having far too much fun with Firefox 2 Beta 2. Memory usage is still way too high, but with its improved tab management, and built-in Google Suggest, browsing is even easier. No crashes so far and I have heaps of tabs open. You can read more about Firefox 2 features here.


9 thoughts on “Firefox 2 Beta 2

  1. Betas are evil… memory leakage ‘n bugs… I’m not willing to risk my sessions, especially with Session Manager.

    You have fun there, I’ll wait for the stable.

  2. 3baid i have some features of
    firefox 2 by using this extension
    Tab mix plus:
    *open closed tab
    *Firefox will resume from where you left off after a system crash or browser restart.

    I think i will wait for the final version but maybe i will try it .

  3. 3baid 1 more Q if i install firefox 2
    do i lost all my settings or it will be there .
    And can i return back to firefox 1.5 with my all settings.
    im addicted to use beta :)

  4. along with busynow, i dont want to lose my bookmarks, actually i dont want to suffer any crashes.. so i guess i have to wait and read the updates, i’ll let bluu experiment with his favorite firefox.

  5. Spontaneousnessity, is it really that confusing? :/

    busyNOW, I didn’t lose my setting on my Mac and I can switch between beta and the current one easily. Most of the extensions already work.

    You could download the Portable version and run the executable off a USB flash drive so you don’t risk losing anything.

  6. You can always extract your book marks to an HTML file that can be used to import your stuff back.

    Booksmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Export/Import.

    Depending on your extension, it might not be compatible with new versions of FF; There are actually 2 cases: (1) You have the version-checking option enabled, which if disabled can make the extension work (2) The new structure had some features removed or changed in a way the old plugins can’t cooperate with.

    Do as 3baid suggests; Use a portable version (can be found here)

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