Milk Home Delivery

I’m not sure of how many people are of aware of this, but you can subscribe with Kuwait Dairy Co. (tel: 4670088) or KDD (tel: 802277) to have fresh milk delivered free to your doorstep early every morning.

Note: KDD also delivers ice-cream during the summer :]


18 thoughts on “Milk Home Delivery

  1. kdd vanilla is the best ice cream.. , i wish our milk tasted like it does in england.. eherre you actually get it in those bottles..
    and they cater for everyone in the uk..
    semi skimmed, skimmed, full fat, 5% and the list goes on..

  2. it’s not the same as those classic glass bottles that are delivered at your doorstep in England.
    it just tastes different and I love to drink it right out the fridge ..cold and yummy.

    We demand glass bottles, carton just doesn’t do it for me :/

  3. That is so freaking cool! I didnt know they did that! they should advertise more!

    I loved fresh milk when I was a kid in England during the summer! I loved the milk man, he would bring bread with him. And the milk tasted amazing!

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