Mac + GPRS

The current version of OS X 10.4 (Tiger) does not support many of the latest GPRS/EDGE/3G phone models. So after setting up your phone with to work your operator’s services, you’ll need to download the Modem Scripts to allow your Mac to access the internet. There are scripts for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Motorolla brands and setting it up is fairly easy:

  1. Read the instructions that come with the scripts!
  2. Move the scripts into the Library/Modem Scripts folder.
  3. Pair your phone with your Mac and select: Use a direct higher speed… (GPRS) as the connection type.
  4. Select the script that best works with your phone.
  5. Open Internet Connect and connect via bluetooth.

Note: Some scripts already include the *99# CID string so leave the field blank in the dialog.


8 thoughts on “Mac + GPRS

  1. Yea i dont own either but ana yay agool THANKS for the bombo pic =P 9arli fatra looking for a pic chan alga link ib google to a post you had back in April o bigt-ha min ihnaak =P

  2. Thanks for the tip. Been trying to figure that out for a long time until I gave up and settled with “Nokia ir” setting.

    Now if you do not mind, I will post this in my blog.

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